Britvic Soft Drinks is partnering with world food delivery experts, Feast Box this January to provide consumers with a food and alcohol-free drink pairing menu for the first time. Robinsons Cordials and 7UP Free will be paired with a selection of meals based on their flavour profiles. The partnership aims to provide consumers with inspiration and motivation during the Dry January period.

The campaign launch comes as millions of consumers[1] pledge to cut back on alcohol this January. According to new research2, almost a third of the nation (32 %) has attempted Dry January in the past, but have never managed to complete the whole month. The second week in January is the most common time for people to give in and start drinking alcohol again (27%), with one in four not being able to make it past the first week. The research[2] found that this was due to a lack of inspiration around choosing non-alcohol drinks at meal times (16%).

Ben Parker, At Home Commercial Director for Britvic, comments: “The partnership is designed to help make dry January a bit easier for people with intentions of cutting back on alcohol in January. We’re taking the guesswork out of it and are giving Feastbox customers 35 meals to choose from, paired with our well-loved 7UP Free and Robinsons Cordials brands. We know people will also be mindful of spending, so Feast Box is offering an exclusive discount of 30% to encourage those who need some inspiration.”

Jyoti Patel, Founder of Feast Box, comments: “Pairing drinks with food can take an ordinary culinary experience to the next level. Complementing your meal with the right drink can cleanse your palate and enhance flavours, helping to keep the nation going this Dry January and providing the perfect partner for those key at-home dining occasions.”

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[2] Research by CensusWide included a survey of 2,000 Brits during December 2019

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