Matthew Grenter, Sales Manager, at Brioche Pasquier, discusses the BBQ season: “Brits are a nation of BBQ lovers, with total barbecue occasions up 9 per cent year on year in 2017 to 112.6 million. And while the appetite for BBQ continues to grow, consumers are looking for new ways to serve their grilled meats and vegetables.

“No longer the poor cousin of the burger, the hot dog has come a long way in recent years. Whether a traditional frankfurter or tasty bratwurst, loaded with onions, pickles, ketchup or simply plain; there are a multitude of ways to eat the hot dog.

“As the hot dogs themselves have moved on to more gourmet offerings, so have the ‘rolls’ in which they’re served. Brioche Pasquier’s Pains au Lait are the perfect partners for hot dogs. The light sweetness of the brioche complements the hot dog perfectly, add caramelised onions and it’s a match made in heaven!

Ideally sized to hold a hot dog and a serving of onions, sauce, pickle etc. “Whilst brioche has become widely known in this country over the last few years, people are still unsure about the wide number of uses for this soft, slightly sweet baked good. Our special BBQ packaging therefore is designed to show people just how they can use our Pains au Lait in a BBQ context.

“Retailers will be able to display these packages with rolls and bread, but also alongside any special BBQ or seasonal displays. “Brioche Pasquier BBQ Pains au Lait are still made to a traditional recipe using a unique ‘levain’ that gives that distinctive light, sweet taste. They are free from preservatives, artificial flavours and hydrogenated fats and are the perfect accompaniment to a BBQ or a hot dog this summer.”


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