From providing hot foil stamping and embossing services Frip Finishing has become an integral part of the UK packaging and print industry, providing the widest range of sheet fed lamination and finishing services available to the UK market.

Shaun Morris, Sales Director at Frip Finishing.

Operating from five UK sites, Frip provides a wide range of traditional and innovative laminations, coatings, decorative finishes and speciality papers and boards. The recent award of the Double A Grade BRC Accreditation for the Hinckley factory makes Frip the first decorative print finisher in the UK to achieve this highly regarded food industry standard. Shaun Morris, Sales Director at Frip Finishing, spoke to The Grocery Trader.

GT – Shaun, as Sales Director, what is your role day to day? Do you get involved in developing print solutions for clients?

I liaise with our general managers, taking an overview of our capacity across the business, keeping track of the large quotes going through and maintaining contact with key customers, who I regularly go to see and keep my face in front of them.

GT – Who else is in the senior management team?

We have John Burns, the Chairman, Leslie Gibson, the MD and his brother Jamie Gibson, the Commercial Director.

GT – When was Frip Finishing founded? Who owns it now?

The current MD and Commercial Director’s father founded the company in 1971, in Dumbarton, Scotland. It initially provided trade foiling for print and carton manufacturers. The business is now owned by the Gibson family and the senior management team.

GT – How big is Frip in turnover and output?

We employ 65 people, including 6 apprentices, some as young as 16, and our sales growth is around 10% per year.

GT – How is Frip Finishing different from other companies in your sector? Why choose Frip?

We are a multi-site operation serving the printed carton industry across the UK, from Glasgow down to London. We are different from our competitors in trade foiling in that we have the largest capacity in the UK and offer film lamination, window lamination and metalised board. Carton manufacturers print sheets, and we have the resources to die-cut, film laminate and foil block, and we have also invested in Pick &Place and window patching technologies.

GT – Who are your major clients?

Our major customers are carton manufacturers who supply the brands. We do a lot of work indirectly for Aldi, Lidl and the major supermarkets, involving foiling or barrier creation between the food contents and the carton.

GT – Do you produce customer case studies?

We’re working on it! Much of the time we’re working in the background without the end users knowing, but often we go and see them directly and help plan the job, as in our recent work for M&S.

GT – How are you set up to service customers?

Our general managers have regular customers they deal with day to day. We monitor workflow across the business so if we have a capacity issue in a particular location we can move work around within the group.

GT – How many different manufacturing locations do you have?

We have five. Talking to you in November we have a lot of Christmas packaging going through and have 24 hour working when required.

GT – What innovative materials do you work with?

For window lamination, we can laminate a die cut aperture and create a barrier and window at the same time. We’re the only people in the UK to offer this, at our Redditch facility.

GT – What difference will the BRC award make to your offering?

The BRC accreditation certifies the whole supply chain, from the end packer down to us as print finishers. M&S and other customers are particularly keen to see this development.

GT – Do you have any other industry accreditations?

We work in accordance with ISO9001, which we’ve had for some time.

GT – Where do you see Frip Finishing going from here?

We will continue to innovate. We have major investment coming onstream and we want to be seen and recognised as the number one in barrier protection and innovation.


Frip Finishing Limited

Tel: 01455 638630


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