Branston Pickle’s new owner, Mizkan Europe Ltd has teamed up with DS Smith Packaging to help breathe new life into its ‘Bring out the Branston’ slogan.


As part of a major investment in the 90-year-old brand, Mizkan have kick started their promotional activity with a new ‘two label’ design, where one Branston Pickle label reads ‘Bring out’ and the other reads ‘Branston’.

“The idea is a quirky way for consumers to have some fun in store and encourage them to remember the iconic strapline ‘Bring out the Branston’, and in doing so it could lead shoppers to double up on their purchase and have both jars in their kitchen cupboard to enjoy the humour at home,” explains Jeena Patel, Packaging Category Buyer for Mizkan.

“The two label design has been created as a novel and fun way to engage consumers and remind them that Branston is still here. Because of this, it was vitally important that the RRP we developed supported the campaign and communicated the message, and DS Smith made everything very simple and straight forward.”

Tony Foster, Sector Director, DS Smith Packaging, said that being involved in the re-launch of one of the country’s best loved products was a great opportunity.

“RRP is the last chance to reach the shopper during the crucial ‘moment of truth’ when they’re selecting their purchase on the shelf. When it’s well designed and consistent with the rest of the brand it’s a hugely effective part of the marketing mix.”

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