The market is changing when it comes to the types of milk UK consumers drink and when they drink it. Product innovations mean that consumers now have access to a wide range of options to suit each individual, whether that be for dietary, health or versatility reasons, and often have multiple milk products in the fridge or cupboard at home.


Californian company Blue Diamond Almonds, the world’s largest producers of almonds, is excited to launch the UK’s very first Milk Monitor Report providing a state of the nation look into dairy and milk alternatives drinking trends, using research from 1,000 consumers across the UK.

As the nation becomes more and more health-conscious, vegetarian and dairy-free diets have entered the mainstream and the milk alternatives market is booming. The milk alternatives market is valued at £198m and grew by 20% in the past year, with a staggering one in five households now choosing to buy dairy-free products for health reasons.

John Beadle, Business Director at Blue Diamond Almonds International Retail says: “The dairy-free milk alternatives category has witnessed a dramatic increase in sales with a 500% increase in the past three years (2012-2014) as consumers increasingly enjoy milk alternatives. In fact, almond drinks are now second only to soya in the milk alternatives market.”

The Blue Diamond Milk Monitor Report found that almond milk is enjoyed by a quarter of adults, with slightly more women than men in the UK consuming almond milk (29% versus 23%).

The report also found that…

• 70% of almond drinkers say almond drink tastes better than cow’s milk

• 81% of almond drinkers say they have seen health benefits as a result of drinking almond drink

• Three quarters of almond drinkers say they first tried it within the last year

The future for the almond drink category looks bright too, with two in three people (64%) who do not currently drink almond drink, stating they are willing to try it.

The full Blue Diamond Milk Monitor Report includes more fascinating insights into UK diet trends and habits. For more information or to download a PDF version of the Milk Monitor Report please visit introducing-the-uks-first-ever-milk-monitor-report.

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