As restrictions continue to be part of our everyday lives, consumers are less likely to visit bars and restaurants and are more likely to enjoy a night in.

Retailers should bear this in mind when considering stock, and ensure they have products to accommodate the trend.

Products in sharing sizes, or multipacks are popular with those having a Big Night In.

Both the ‘drink now’ and ‘food & drink for later’ categories help sales, for example, both still and sparkling natural water.

“Creating engaging displays is a proven way to boost sales, comments Mike Buckland, Marketing Controller, Highland Spring Group. “Product grouping can result in incremental sales, especially when shoppers are purchasing for specific occasions such as nights in or gatherings. It’s also key that retailers stock best-selling products that shoppers know and trust, and often seek out when buying for an occasion.”

Multipacks are a key product for in-home occasions – Highland Spring 1.5L Still and Sparkling Water work well as part of a ‘Dine in’ or ‘Big Night In’ deal. They provide retailers with the opportunity to maximise sales with those shoppers looking for less sugary soft drinks, particularly mid-week.

Perhaps previously overlooked or reserved for special occasions, the last eighteen months has seen a real trend towards sparkling natural source water, which is ideal for those looking for a little lift as part of their day. Sparkling water provides the perfect alternative to sugary fizzy drinks, which has been reflected in the Sparkling Water subcategory seeing growth of 14% in the last 4 weeks, and Highland Spring’s sparkling water seeing an uplift of 21% in sales in Scotland alone (Nielsen).

As a leading brand, Highland Spring Sparkling Water recorded value sales of £5.5m, making it a must-stock for retailers (Nielsen).

Multipacks and larger sizes are the go-to product sizes when it comes to a Big Night In, as they are typically enjoyed with friends and family.

Highland Spring’s innovative 10L hydration pack is great for Big Nights In – offering an alternative packaging solution and ‘safe’ refilling. The pack, which has a much longer shelf-life than other formats (around four weeks), provides a flexible and plastic-free bulk water solution for use in and out of the home and uses 70% less plastic per G compared to the average used across Highland Spring Still multipacks.

With Highland Spring 1.5L Still and Sparkling Water continuing to perform well within the Big Night In occasion, flavoured sparkling cans launched in 2021, which are available to purchase as a four-pack. The range includes three wildly fruity flavours, based on ingredients grown in Scotland – Pear & Elderflower, Blackberry, Plum & Hibiscus and Rhubarb & Ginger. Under 35 calories a can and made with real fruit juice, each flavour contains no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, and are great to share with friends.

Unflavoured water products are the most popular in the convenience sector, with Highland Spring’s unflavoured water experiencing a 23% growth in the last 12 weeks alone (Nielsen).

In terms of growth opportunities, the Sparkling Water subcategory has emerged as a star performer for Highland Spring, seeing growth of 10% in the last 12 weeks (Nielsen).

“It’s important that wholesalers offer a variety of products to cater to all needs,” adds Buckland. “It isn’t always necessary to stock every product in all available size, formats and bottles but ensuring you have stock of still, sparkling and flavoured in both drink now and drink later formats is key. Grouping ‘Big Night In’ products together in store will also encourage sales – so for example, stocking water near other BNI products, including multipacks of crisps and snacks, will promote further sales.”

Sunny Mirpuri, Director for Wholesale & Convenience, Budweiser Brewing Group, comments: “87% of alcohol occasions now occur in the off-trade (Kantar), so stocking and merchandising effectively for occasions like the Big Night In will be key for wholesalers and retailers in 2022.”

The Big Night In has changed as result of the pandemic. We’ve seen a decrease in gatherings with friends and parties, as well as the standard family night in occasion.

The Big Night In is no longer a crisps and dip affair. Mealtimes have grown in importance, and now account for 43% of all drinking occasions in the home (Kantar).

“Wholesalers should encourage stores this year to stock up for these new mealtime-focused Big Nights In,” says Mirpuri. “Beer is at the heart of many of these occasions, with three out of five beers now are consumed with food (Kantar). Our most popular brand Stella Artois is actually now enjoyed by shoppers more often with food than as a standalone drink (Nielsen).”

Sit-down meals for one or two people hold a 27% share of all drinking occasions in the home (Kantar). Food and beer bundles, such as burgers with Budweiser, are popular for such occasions.

Meanwhile group meals hold a significant 17% share of drinking occasions (Kantar). Here, shoppers will be looking for more premium options, and potentially even multiple courses.

“Wholesalers should advise customers to stock larger pack sizes for these occasions,” adds Mirpuri. “Themed nights work well for larger gatherings, such as an in-store Mexican-themed display with fajitas and Corona or charcuterie and Stella Artois.”

Ben Blake, Head of Marketing – EMEA – Treasury Wine Estates, comments: “The Big Night In occasion remains important to consumers and wine provides a good opportunity for wholesalers to offer best-selling brands to allow retailers to tap into this demand. Complementary food and snack options also encourage an increased basket spend, therefore stocking items that pair well with wine varietals is also key.”

Keeping in line with seasonal changes, as we approach the spring months, we typically see an increase in demand for white wines including Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay (Nielsen). However, despite perceptions of red wine being a ‘winter wine’, sales of red varietals are strongest in the summer period vs the rest of the year (Nielsen).

“We expect to see the growth of Rosé sales continue and wholesalers should make the most of this opportunity by scaling up their Rosé range in the lead up to warmer months,” says Blake.

One of the most recent additions to the 19 Crimes portfolio is 19 Crimes Rosé (13% ABV) – a dry-style rosé, featuring lifted red berry flavours and a slight floral note, finished with sweet spice and encased in a unique bottle design.

The bottle features AR technology on-pack with 19 Crimes’ new roguish character, Robert Cranston coming to life via one of TWE’s famous Living Wine Labels. As a millennial brand, flavours are a key driver for this audience when it comes to discovering the wine category – research shows that 35 y/o are more attracted to rosé varietals, with 52% of wine drinkers already drinking rose (Wine Intelligence).

“Wholesalers must recognise the importance of brand loyalty when it comes to purchasing decisions in the wine category as well as an increased focus on experiences,” adds Blake.

The 19 Crimes brand continues to go from strength to strength, disrupting the category and recruiting new consumers from a typically younger demographic to the wine aisle. The AR technology on the 19 Crimes bottle brings the characters to life around the table – a strong talking point when entertaining.

Blossom Hill is the best-known wine brand in the UK (Wine Intelligence) and the #1 wine choice for refreshment (Wine Intelligence), and is an ideal option for the Big Night In occasion. The brand has recently transformed its look and feel unveiling a pack refresh across the Rosé varietals, now moving on to the classic range. The refresh ensures the brand is staying relevant and when tested with consumers, the packs saw significant improvement in likeability and purchase intent.

Tom Smith, Marketing Director – Europe, at Accolade Wines, comments: “The battle continues for Convenience to retain some of its lockdown gains from the On Trade, but convenience sales remain up +8% compared to pre-pandemic levels. In-home occasions provide the perfect opportunity for the convenience sector to consolidate this growth and counter the return of the On Trade.”

The ‘Big Night In’ has understandably become the norm during the last few months and we’re likely to see this behaviour continue in the months ahead.

“Here at Accolade Wines, we are looking to continue to leverage strength in in-home occasions, whilst looking for ways to adapt to new socially distant outdoor occasions,” says Smith.

Convenience saw a huge surge in sales throughout the festive period and alcohol purchases for in-home consumption have been boosted as a result of the pandemic.

“From a wine perspective, we are focussed on getting wine into the shopper journey, formats, and chillers,” adds Smith. “We have seen people pick-up wine more often and buy more of it (Kantar) and the convenience channel has been vital in increasing these impulse sales.”

Last year Echo Falls ran a ‘Luxury Pamper Night In’ summer promotion to support sales growth both in-store and online. This was aimed at customers looking to treat themselves whilst at home and we have more plans tapping into the big night in occasion in the year ahead.

“Premiumisation within the wine category will continue as consumers became more engaged and explored during lockdown with their night in tipples – expect the traditional premium origins to grow but also New World premium to take centre stage as Brexit and supply issues impact France in particular,” suggests Smith.

New consumers who entered the wine category last year tend to be younger and less affluent, so it’s important to continue to appeal to this demographic – fruit flavours and sparkling options appeal to this group, especially at celebratory and social occasions.

There is a continuing trend for mindful drinking, both from a health perspective with an increase in demand for low/no offerings, as well with sustainability, with consumers looking for products which have less of an impact on our planet. All of Accolade Wines’ core branded portfolio has been certified carbon neutral.

Smith expects to see a growth in wine on tap (bag in box) options in 2022, driven by the combination of increased at-home demand. Accolade debuted its latest wine on tap brand, Vino Società in December with two SKUs, Sauvignon Blanc and Rosato, and will be followed by a Malbec in 2022. With Vino Società Accolade is focused on transforming consumer perceptions around the quality of Wine On Tap wines and introducing new shoppers to category – and it’s the perfect format for a night in.

Under 35s currently under index on boxed wine spend (Nielsen), but as a demographic who value stylish products, which are less damaging to the environment, Vino Società addresses these needs and is the perfect opportunity to premiumise the category. Accolade’s consumer testing showed that over half of respondents would purchase Vino Società in addition to the alcohol they already buy, whilst Vino Società has the highest purchase intent amongst 20–34-year-olds.

“We know the average time spent in a convenience store is just 4.12 minutes so your wine category has to be clear and easy to navigate for consumers – stock key brands and origins that will catch the eye of consumers and bring them into the category,” advises Smith. “Products should be tiered by price from the bottom up, with entry level on the bottom and then those priced £6-£9.99 at eye level. Space should be made in the chiller section for key whites and rosé. There is also the opportunity to inspire shoppers with mission and occasion-based POS. The average basket spend for a wine shopper is £12.44 so there is a big opportunity to increase spend with a well-functioning Wine category.”

Lauren Priestley – Head of Category Development Off Trade at Diageo, comments: “As consumers still look to create memorable experiences at home, it remains important for wholesalers to ensure a good stock of premium drinks brands. Within spirits, there are a number of key ways to capitalise on this trend.”

Last year, premium drinks were in growth, up 27.4% in value vs YA (Nielsen) in the off-trade.

“With this in mind, we recommend wholesalers stock super-premium and premium spirits, such as Tanqueray London Dry Gin, Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla and Cîroc flavours,” says Priestley.

Within the premium spirits category, alcohol-free variants are also a key consideration. Diageo launched the new Gordon’s 0.0% and Tanqueray 0.0% last year.

“Crafted using the same distinct blend of quality botanicals available in Gordon’s London Dry Gin and Tanqueray London Dry Gin, we wanted both innovations to show that you don’t have to compromise on taste or experience if you choose not to consume alcohol,” adds Priestley.

Since entering the market, Gordon’s 0.0% experienced a huge surge in demand and quickly became the top selling alcohol free spirit in the off-trade within four weeks (Nielsen).

The Ready to Drink (RTD) category has boomed in recent years, leading the growth in beers, wine and spirits (BWS).

With the increased demand in the off-trade, RTD is continuing to hold its own in the off-trade and is now growing slightly ahead of the current off-trade BWS market at 28.7% (Nielsen) – arguably fuelled by innovation and brands catering to the consumer preference for high-quality and convenient drinks.

“When we refer to convenience in this instance, it is not always the ability to ‘drink now’ but also allowing people to try different things at different times,” Priestley continues. “Now is the perfect time for wholesalers to offer a good range of RTDs which will help retailers encourage their customers to explore the category. From pre-mix and non-alcoholic pre-mix, to cocktails and flavoured alcoholic beverages (FABs), such as Smirnoff Ice and the new segment of Hard Seltzers, such as Smirnoff Seltzers, it’s important to maintain a range of RTDs which lends itself to a range of different taste preferences and occasions.”

James Stocker, Marketing Director, Halewood Artisanal Spirits, comments: “Spirits, particularly flavoured variants, are performing particularly well as a result of the Big Night In occasion. This is due to consumers seeking out their favourite on trade cocktails during the lockdowns and learning to make these at home.”

Flavoured vodka continues to show the most growth in the vodka category over the last 12 months, whilst flavoured and spiced rum continued with the trend to outperform all other rum subcategories with 29% volume growth in the last 12 months and 7% in the last 12 weeks (Nielsen).

“Therefore the three brands that we would recommend wholesalers stock to tap into the popularity of flavoured spirits are Whitley Neill Gin, JJ Whitley Vodka and Dead Man’s Fingers Rum, all of which have a wide range of flavoured variants which tap into the latest flavour trends and cater to a diverse range of taste preferences,” adds Stocker.

The Dead Man’s Fingers rum range has been recruiting shoppers since first entering the market and has shown resilience in the off trade throughout the on-trade reopening. The JJ Whitley Vodka range is also performing very well, particularly latest launches, JJ Whitley Gold Vodka and Blue Raspberry.

“We’re certainly seeing premiumisation occurring within in the Spirits category as a whole, with premium products recording growth of 12.9% vs 4.8% for mainstream products” says Stocker. “This has gained pace over the past couple of years as shoppers have increasingly looked to recreate ‘bar quality’ cocktails at home. With this in mind, we’d recommend stocking a range of premium spirits within the core category, including Dead Man’s Fingers Rum, JJ Whitley Vodka and Whitley Neill Gin.”

Clare Gibson, Marketing Director at ICB (Intercontinental Brands), comments: “With many consumers still hesitant to go out to pubs and bars due to COVID-19, the Big Night In is a key opportunity to offer exciting drinks that consumers will want to impress their guests with when hosting. Therefore, wholesalers should monitor trending drinks categories and flavours to ensure they are providing retailers with desirable offerings.”

The rum market is now worth £539.3 million and growing at 15% YoY (Nielsen), making it a great option for wholesalers to capitalise on consumer demand for rum’s versatility to be used in many popular cocktails. Standouts within the rum category include flavoured rum, growing at +150%, and spiced rum, growing at +23% (Nielsen). ICB’s Hawksbill Caribbean Spiced Rum combines taste with a strong conservation mission to provide compelling selling points to consumers. Palm Beach rum liqueur offers multiple trending flavours, catering to the flavoured rum market – these fun flavours are perfect for a Big Night In, especially as consumers want to get stuck in to mixology at home making fun cocktails with friends.

The liqueur category is performing excellently, with the Schnapps market in particular up 28% YoY (Nielsen). ICB has recently undertaken a brand refresh across its V-Kat schnapps range, introducing a modern design and bottle, as well as a new flavour addition, V-Kat Pink. The new launch capitalises on the pink drink trend, which has remained popular with consumers post-Covid restrictions.

“In addition, following shifting consumer trends towards mindful drinking and healthier lifestyles, we expect demand for non-alcoholic drinks to continue on a growth trajectory, particularly during the start of the year due to health-related resolutions,” adds Gibson. “Amplify is a non-alcoholic distilled spirit, available in both a bottle perfect for mixing, as well as in pre-mixed cans.”

Matt Smith, Marketing Director for Tayto Group, comments: “The Crisps & Snacks market is worth over £650m with strong recent growth of +14% YoY in the latest 12 weeks (IRI).

“As we emerge into the ‘new normal’, impulse pack sales are recovering but, as we continue to enjoy a snack in front of Netflix or enjoy having friends round again, £1 PMP Sharing Snacks, continue to grow faster than the market at +6.0% vs +5.0% (IRI).”

Pork snacks sales have been growing faster than the market at +5.5% vs +2.8% (IRI) as consumers continue to enjoy the ultimate pub snack at home – a behaviour encouraged by pub closures in lockdown, that shows no sign in stopping.

Having been voted Britain’s favourite pub snack (Perspectus), scratchings are synonymous with the pub but surprisingly almost half of purchases are in retail (Norstat). Pork snacks are growing faster than the market at +5.5% (IRI) as consumers continue to ‘take the pub taste home’ – especially for a Big Night In. Mr Porky, the No 1 Brand with 44% share, continues to drive the category by growing faster than the market at +6.8% (IRI).

Golden Wonder celebrates its 75th anniversary this year and the brand continues to perform by delivering on the brand promise of ‘more punch per crunch’. By offering great branded value to consumers and strong retailer margins, Golden Wonder over-trades significantly in Convenience/S&I.

Golden Wonder’s £1 PMP Snacks range is driving the category – growing faster than the market at +12.1% vs +6.1% (IRI) – with market-beating growth across its brands. This growth has been seen in Transform-A-Snack (+16.5%), Saucers (+8.8%) and the star performer – Fun Snacks (+151%) – due to the launch of £1 Spicy Bikers. Spicy Bikers have become a top-ten seller within months of launch2 sitting alongside the existing £1 Tangy Toms and Ringos range.

Golden Wonder continues to add to its successful £1 PMP range with the addition of Sour Cream and Onion Ringos and Cheese & Onion Transform-A-Snack in recent months, as well as Spicy Bikers – all of which were supported with strong trade marketing campaigns to drive growth.

“As shoppers return to more ‘normal’ behaviour, it’s a great opportunity for convenience retailers to re-establish themselves – again – as the go-to place to pick up the drinks and snacks that add to the enjoyment of a day out or a Big Night In,” says Smith.

PMPs are a proven way for independent retailers to demonstrate that they are offering great value when compared to larger stores.

Smith explains, “Shoppers in Convenience are concerned that they will pay inflated prices for shopping locally and PMPs assure them that this isn’t the case. An additional benefit is that it makes it quicker for shoppers on a ‘grab and go’ mission as they don’t have to search for a shelf ticket – the price is right there on the pack.”

Michael Owens, Valeo Snackfoods Head of Impulse, comments: “To maximise Big Night In sales, wholesalers should consider siting complementary products together and running link deals. Putting KETTLE Chips and Manomasa Tortillas next to beers and wines, and Metcalfe’s Popcorn alongside soft drinks, is a great way to up sell customers.”

Big nights in have become even more popular during the pandemic as consumers have been trying to emulate out of home experiences in-home, such as movie nights in rather than trips to the cinema and treating themselves to extra special food & drink at home rather than eating out.

Covid has left a lasting impact of more socialising at home and this seems likely to carry on, which has changed peoples’ requirements of snacking.

Unsurprisingly sharing snacks such as KETTLE Chips, Manomasa Tortillas and Metcalfe’s popcorn have increased in popularity as people seek treats and comforts for their big nights in and this is predicted to continue as consumers look to retain the increase in family time they enjoyed during lockdowns.

“Snack sales within wholesalers can be improved by changing the layout in depot to be category specific making it easier for retailers to shop for their crisps, snacks and popcorn i.e. Standard, Premium and Healthy,” says Owens.

“We recommend off shelf displays, siting complementary products together targeting key occasions throughout the year. Putting our sharing bags of chips and popcorn alongside alcohol or soft drinks is a great way to up sell customers, driving retailer trial and adding value to the category.”

Scott Snell, Vice President of Customer at pladis UK&I, comments: “Biscuits is one of the largest categories that shoppers choose when it comes to snacking (worth £2.7 billion in retail, with 23% share of total snacking) – making it a key category to look to in order to drive ‘big night in’ sales.

“Similarly, wholesalers should ensure they are capitalising on the £2.3 billion crisps & snacks category – another key segment of the wider snacking sector. Some of our top-performing bagged snacks products are Jacob’s Mini Cheddars (worth £17.2 million in convenience) and Jacob’s Twiglets (worth £1.9 million in convenience).”

With shoppers spending more evenings indoors at home, the ‘big night in’ has become a key part of the nation’s routine. This means that snacks in larger, sharing formats – such as the Flipz brand – are must-stocks for retailers looking to drive ‘big night in’ sales.

Flavour is also an important purchase motivator when it comes to the ‘big night in’. Perfect for evening sharing are products with big, bold, trend-led flavours – such as Jacob’s Mini Cheddar Sticks. Last year pladis also expanded the Jacob’s Mini Cheddars line-up with the launch of three of pladis’ most popular flavour variants – Red Leicester, Nacho Cheese & Jalapeno and Ploughman’s Cheshire Cheese – in trending PMP format.

“Wholesale depots are big places, so it’s important that wholesalers focus on maintaining stock of the bestselling products and driving visibility of these key lines in-depot in order to deliver a fulfilled shopping trip to their retail customers – boosting sales in the process,” adds Snell.

“Wholesalers can generate higher sales growth through mindful merchandising. This means clearly communicating the bestselling ‘big night in’ lines in-depot – for example, by beacon branding with McVitie’s or Jacob’s at the end of the aisle. This will help to point retailers in the direction of the biscuits, whilst also earmarking the bestselling SKUs – helping to drive sales.

“Essentially, it’s all about making the shopping experience as seamless as possible by utilising clear signage and dedicating plenty of space in-depot to satisfy demand for the bestselling products.”

Susan Nash, Trade Communications Manager at Mondelez International, comments: “Chocolate sharing formats, like bags and tablets, are an important part of a retailer’s range when it comes to the Big Night In occasion. In fact, the biggest NPD launch last year was Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange Giant Buttons sharing bag, and the Cadbury Caramilk tablet was the 3rd biggest NPD launch, despite only launching in July 2021.”

Oreo – the world’s number one biscuit (Euromonitor) has unveiled a new collaboration with the biggest superhero of all time ahead of the highly anticipated film, ‘The Batman’. This partnership will see a promotion rolling out across key Oreo products both on-pack and off-pack as well as a unique Batman-embossed biscuit to drive real excitement in store.

Elsewhere, the Cadbury FC name has returned to shelves, offering shoppers the chance to win a host of football-themed prizes through Cadbury’s biggest partnership ever. New promotion Win A Day In Their Boots builds on the success of previous footballing partnerships across the Cadbury brand. It offers consumers the chance to win thousands of prizes – including money-can’t-buy, behind-the-scenes experiences with eight top-flight football clubs.

Cadbury has also revealed a category-first packaging initiative on its popular Cadbury Duos range. Cadbury Duos Twist Wrap unlocks an innovative portion control mechanism – enabling consumers to twist to seal and save half for later for better portion control and more mindful snacking – for the first time on any chocolate brand in the UK.

Finally, celebrated French biscuit brand, LU, is launching four biscuit varieties in the UK. Le Petit Chocolate, Le Petit Beurre, Le Petit Biscotte, and Le Petit Citron will offer customers a quintessential taste of France to enjoy at home with friends and family – perfect for the Big Night In occasion.

Mark Walker, Sales Director at Swizzels, comments: “The Big Night In is now a firmly established trend that shows no signs of slowing down, with the ongoing pandemic ensuring consumers continue to shop for treats to share with the family, as more time is spent indoors.”

For example, research suggests that in-home eating occasions have risen by +60% (Landmark), likely due to the pandemic, meaning bigger at home family and social occasions are growing in importance (Kantar).

“With this in mind, shoppers are looking for sharing packs to cater for their Big Night In and ensure they have a mixture of sweet options that the whole family can enjoy. Sharing bags are consistently one of Big Night In’s biggest trends, so it’s important that wholesalers stock a variety of options for retailers to choose from,” adds Walker.

Perfect for the big night in occasion is Swizzels’ hanging bag range, Great British Puds, invented by an avid fan who won the chance to have her very own sweet brought to life through a 90th anniversary Sweetest Invention competition.

Great British Puds includes four individually wrapped chew bars in classic British dessert flavours; Sticky Toffee Pudding, Rhubarb Crumble, Apple Pie & Custard and Lemon Meringue.

Another popular hanging bag product is Drumstick and Refreshers Choos, developed to satisfy growing consumer demand for softer sugar confectionery products.

The recipe was purposefully developed to ensure it is suitable for vegans, a trend that has continued to grow across confectionery. Drumstick Choos provide 5 double flavour combinations including Peaches & Cream and Strawberry & Banana, while Refreshers Choos offer 5 fizzy flavours with the unique sherbet centre, including Pineapple and Apple.

“Choos come in £1 PMPs, so it’s important to display these prominently to attract retailers looking to add value products to their shelves,” says Walker.

The Loadsa hanging bags range includes Sweets, Lollies and Chews varieties. These bags contain a selection of well-loved, individually wrapped sweets and lollies with something for everyone, making them the ideal product to share on a Big Night In. They are available in £1 PMPs which also makes them enticing to shoppers on a budget.

One of Swizzels’ best selling products is the Drumstick Chocolate bar. This concept sees the unique and iconic flavour of the Drumstick Lolly, which has been a firm consumer favourite for more than 60 years, encased in milk chocolate. The chocolate bar is filled with a raspberry and milk fondant centre and real raspberry pieces, bringing the familiar Drumstick taste into the chocolate category.

It’s already been a big hit with consumers, with 4.2 million bars sold since its launch in 2020.

This year, Swizzels is running a competition with retailers to win free stock as part of its Big Night In campaign promotion. Ten lucky wholesale and cash & carry customers can be in with a chance of winning £100 worth of free stock when they purchase any three cases of selected Swizzels sharing bags and retain their invoice or receipt. These include Drumstick Chocolate, Great British Puds, Choos, and the Loadsa range. ‘

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