Eat Natural today launches a ground-breaking new bar: the ‘better inside’ bar, a fourth addition to its hugely popular Bars with Benefits range, already outselling its predecessor in Tesco with a 45% uplift YOY. The Better Inside bar is on the Free From shelves in 750 main estate Tesco stores and as a single SKU in Sainsbury’s.


The beauty of the ‘better inside’ bar is in its powerful simplicity. Containing Chicory Root – a naturally active ingredient well known for its digestive qualities – alongside juicy dried apricot, crunchy pieces of brazil nuts, naturally fibrous and sweet coconut flakes, all coated in delicious yoghurt – it is designed to aid digestive traction and promote general gut wellbeing.

Chicory Root is a herbaceous relative of the humble Dandelion, and contains a type of soluble fibre called Inulin, which is good for healthy digestion and for promoting the growth of good bacteria. It is gluten free, wheat free, and ok for vegetarians.

The benefits of good digestion are plentiful: it improves colon health, maintains healthy weight, helps to fight bugs, reduces the effects of food intolerances and hay fever, and ensures skin allergies are kept at bay.

This bar is the latest addition to the ‘bars with benefits’ range, which already comprises of:

– Eat Natural bars with benefits (Omega 3) dark chocolate, seeds & peanuts

– Eat Natural bars with benefits (Extra Protein) maple syrup, pecans & peanuts (Vegan)

– Eat Natural bars with benefits (Extra Fibre) apple, ginger & dark chocolate

Praveen Vijh, co-founder of Eat Natural, says, “This is the latest in a series of hugely innovative products for us. Having a single benefit, such as Free From, isn’t enough anymore. Our customers want us to pack even more benefits into our bars. So we’ve listened to them and come up with new SKUs with added ‘accent’ flavours and ingredients such as Ginger, or Maple Syrup – and now Chicory Root.

It’s unique to the category and we have reimagined the category through this range and now this new bar.”

Eat Natural has been making bars and breakfast cereals in its ‘Makery’ in Essex for 19 years. Everything is made pretty much by hand and in small batches. Eat Natural has just launched its Pollenation campaign in association with Ben Fogle, to highlight the importance of the British honey bee.

Eat Natural is working hard to get this bar ready for the independent and wholesale sector. Please contact Eat Natural if you are interested in stocking the better inside bar for your outlet.

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