As a leading name in the soup category, Baxters has become synonymous with big flavours and the best, tasting ingredients. With the latest soup offerings, this commitment has been extended and further strengthened with new varieties focusing on goodness and wellbeing. This focus reflects evolving consumer lifestyles and the growing desire for ‘good for you’ options, beyond the traditional low fat, low sugar and salt approach.

The latest range innovation from Baxters is Super Good, six soups each providing the perfect balance of delicious flavours and ‘great for you’ ingredients. The selection of the very best health-boosting ingredients including ginger, fish, greens and turmeric, results in an inspiring and innovative range of soups proving that consumers can eat well and feel great.

The Super Good philosophy reflects increasing evidence and understanding of the benefits of these ‘super’ ingredients. From the anti-inflammatory values of ginger and turmeric to the high fibre content of super greens, the vitamin D and B delivered in oily fish and the high protein provided from chicken, this is a range packed full of goodness.

Alongside the launch of Super Good, the existing Hearty range has been refreshed to give greater clarity of its health benefits and goodness credentials with three new flavours. Hearty is designed to help consumers eat more protein with great tasting, energy-boosting ingredients providing up to 20% energy from protein in just one can. Baxters’ desire is to educate and inform around the issue of protein by making the message very simple, as well as proving that soup can offer high protein intake, making it cost effective and convenience.

Commenting on the move, Cara Chambers, Marketing Director at Baxters, said, “The introduction of Super Good is in recognition of changing consumer demands, attitudes and tastes. With a focus on the importance of a healthy lifestyle, this soup range is built around key ingredients which are promoted as having significant health benefits. We have always been committed to goodness in our soups and this range goes a step further putting it at the very heart of the range.”



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