Independent tea company, Bellevue Tea, is riding the tide of the increased demand by consumers for diversity in their tea buying. Cofounder, Clare Jones, comments “People still love quality ‘builder’s tea’, not just in the morning, but at any time they want a refreshing pick-me-up and require something different from a strong coffee hit.


However, we’ve really seen an increase in demand for speciality blends that people like to drink at different times of the day, or when they fancy something different, such as the more delicate Earl Grey, or caffeine free Rooibos, or a delicate Chinese jasmine or fruity/herby infusion in the evening to help de-stress and unwind before bed. Bearing out recent research which shows a staggering 50% increase in sales over the past three years, demand for our green tea has seen an enormous jump as well, as consumers become more aware of its many health benefits. Finally, in addition to blend and flavour diversity, there is now increased interest in organic tea as well… bags, leaves and infusions. This is where the tea drinking trends are going now there is so much on offer… both bags and leaves. Leaves are definitely making a comeback and their infinite variety and blends broaden people’s tea horizons. Just as happened with the whole café culture explosion encouraging people’s interest in coffee varieties and different serving options and which helped fuel the huge increase in fresh coffee consumption, tea leaves are once again far more commonplace, especially when people take afternoon tea out and enjoy the whole teapot experience and want to replicate that at home.

Bellevue Tea is an independent tea company based in London. Thirty years at the heart of the tea trade, sourcing and buying their leaves from around the world, has enabled them to offer the very best teas and infusions which are beautifully packaged in individually enveloped and tagged bags, inside trendy boxes, which are appealing to all types of consumer and supported by matching, eyecatching POS materials. Bellevue Teas come in boxes of 25, 50 or 100 bags and their catalogue is wideranging and extremely varied to accommodate the requirements of their diverse customer base.

Contact Clare for further information or to discuss your tea offering.

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