f1-day-032EPAL, the world leading pallet pool association, invited key UK representatives in the logistics sector to its F1 Logistics day and conference at the RBS Williams Centre in Oxfordshire.

Held on 2nd February, all delegates had the opportunity to hear from key EPAL representatives about what EPAL can offer the UK and the success achieved to date in Europe. A demonstration was also given on the EPAL European partner database to show how EPAL is helping business to work together to fulfil their palletisation requirements.

Paul Davidson, CEO of EPAL in the UK and Ireland, explains, “We believe that there is a huge potential for expanding EPAL’s market in the UK and this event gave us an ideal platform to show the logistics sector just why EPAL is the world leading pallet pool association. Businesses choose EPAL to help them meet the logistical challenges which come with providing an outstanding service to their clients. The Williams Centre was the perfect choice of location for us as there is no other sport in the world that places such high logistical demands of its teams as Formula 1.”

The conference was attended by a wide selection of representatives from EPAL including Harry Jacobi EPAL CEO, who gave a presentation on the EPAL pallet system and the success it has achieved throughout Europe. “The last few years have seen EPAL grow from strength to strength and with all our new pallets being ISPM15 compliant we are continuing to develop the service we offer. We are the first pallet network to do this and in so doing we can guarantee that new EPAL pallets are accepted worldwide.”

The day concluded with Mark Gallagher, business unit leader at Cosworth F1, speaking about the logistical challenge of high performance racing and the issues they have to resolve during the race season. A lucky few also had the opportunity to see what it would be like in the driving seat of a Formula One racing car.

“We were extremely pleased with the turn out at this event,” commented Paul Davidson. “All the demonstrations and information given today will prove itself to be incredibly useful to all of those who took the time to attend the conference. We would encourage anyone to look into the benefits of using the EPAL system.”

For more details on EPAL or where you can get hold of EPAL approved pallets call Paul Davidson on 01223 479594 or visit www.brepal.org.uk

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