How well could you defend a Employee or Public Liability Claim?

Retail-Incidents-iPhone-unbrandedAmanda Blanc, CEO of AXA recently alerted the market to the growth of retail insurance claims (Daily Telegraph 17.2.15). The market for motor has been exhausted, and the lawyers are now going after retail and general incidents and accidents. Businesses are being hit with claims for historical incidents, and thanks to a lack of data, are having to pay out between £5,000 and £7,000 each claim.

PinBellCom are a Leeds based company who specialise in administration and compliance management software. The company’s mission is to ‘make technology work for the client’ and they have created a Mobile App to facilitate the gathering of information on incidents, however minor they may seem at the time. A line in the accident book is not enough to defend a claim.

One global retailer, who had their Incident Management App built by PinBellCom in 2014 are reporting a dramatic impact from the deployment. Incident reporting has increased by 44%, and the App has driven engagement with over 5,000 managers using it on multiple platforms including Apple and Android. The App has helped the company to spot patterns of incidents to enable loss prevention, risk analysis and better recovery planning.

This huge contribution to loss prevention and profit comes before considering the impact on reduced claims, insurance costs and company morale.

PinBellCom’s Incident Management App allows employees to follow clear instructions to assess, calibrate, act and report on an incident. We can provide one-tap phone access from the App to a help-line to ensure the correct and compliant management of the incident. In addition, we can get a qualified person to the scene to take control and capture evidence anywhere in the UK within an hour or so.

The benefits are clear – not only do you get to take substantial cost out of retail operations and are able to make operational improvements, you also ensure that you gather the right information, potentially including photos and statements, to be able to defend a claim should it come in over the next 3 years, which will protect the business, your claims, the staff and your reputation.

To find out more about PinBellCom’s Incident Management App or the 24-7 help line for incident reporting and management, contact 0333 011 0333, or email

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