Araldite® is releasing a striking new Point-of-Sale product display module designed to stimulate impulse purchase from consumers and offering retailers a significant profit opportunity from a “footprint” of less than half a square metre.

The unit is compact and robust with an integral display header that reminds customers of the Araldite® heritage as the “original and best” epoxy adhesive besides accentuating the new look packaging and product formulations.

Each unit can carry up to 20 of the new Araldite® ready-for-recycling Eco-packs which feature an easy-open blister and all the products are solvent free, without the need for “dead tree, dead fish” pack icons.

Stockists will appreciate the high yield per square metre and with no pre-set stock permutation, every retailer has the opportunity to create a stock deal that matches their individual store profile.

The full range of Araldite® packs is available to select from with Araldite® Rapid, Araldite® Fusion, Araldite® Instants, Araldite® Standard and Araldite® Crystal in a range of pack sizes and setting times from 90 seconds upwards. Also available is Araldite® Repair, a gap-filling and fixer epoxy putty that is ready to mix. Together this product group will cover more than 90% of adhesive applications on metal, wood, glass, masonry, card, leather, rubber, chipboard, fabric and most plastics.

Araldite®’s famed epoxy technology is at the heart of the range, with options on tubes and syringes to suit the particular application.

Jean-Luc Pieau, Marketing Manager, DIY Channel Management for the Araldite® range says the Point-of-Sale design and content is the result of close collaboration with UK sales partners Velcro Limited and also has the benefit of research amongst the trade.

“We created a number of different designs and listened carefully to what our customers told us. Both the graphic design and product content are a direct result of our research and most importantly this unit provides an impulse retail sale opportunity from a small footprint that even the small independent store can find space for. In addition our stockists can choose which products they want to emphasise and create their own mini-campaigns in store for selected lines.”


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