Araldite®, the UK market leader in epoxy adhesives, is relaunching its entire product range with a new formulation and in new environmentally-friendly packaging. The new formulation from Araldite® reflects the most up to date chemical expertise which has made Araldite® stand alone in the market as the brand with the quality and heritage trusted by millions of consumers for over 60 years.

In a first for the carded adhesives sector, Araldite® is once again leading the market through innovation. All Araldite® products are now being made available in bold modern packaging, which is environmentally-friendly since the card and plastic which make up the clam pack are entirely separable and recyclable.

Jean Luc Pieau, Araldite’s marketing manager comments: “We know that today’s consumers care about the environment, and responsible brands need to respond to that. This is why Araldite® has chosen to invest in re-designing its packs to be in step with the trends as well as demonstrating a strong sense of commitment to the environment. We also want to support our retailers by ensuring that our packs add impact at the point of purchase.”

The new packaging highlights the Araldite® brand and is designed to be an eye-catching addition to the carded adhesives fixture in store. Key product information is communicated on the front of the pack in text and graphic formats, including cure time, applicable substrates and some example gluing tasks. More detailed product information is featured on the rear of the packs.

The various sub-brands within the Araldite® family are identified with clear colour flashes on the front of the packs: Standard – pantone blue; Rapid – red: Crystal – aqua blue; Instant – orange; Fusion – purple; Repair – brown; Steel – pale blue.


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