Antalis Packaging has responded to growing customer demand for innovative in-box packaging solutions with the expansion of their void-fill and cushioning portfolio. A new range of air cushioning machines and films from FP International has recently been launched, providing customers with the ability to produce and inflate the required void-fill at the exact time and place it is required.

The new range from FP International strengthens Antalis Packaging’s existing portfolio of void-fill and cushioning machinery, which also features a number of air, paper, foam, retention and suspension packaging systems and solutions from Sealed Air, Ranpak and Emba-Protec, to name a few. Customers can now take advantage of greater choice in selecting the perfect packaging system for their business.

The new machines – the Mini Pak’R Retail, Mini Pak’R Industrial and Pro Pak’R – have been designed for differing scales of operation, from SME businesses to large corporations. Each uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) intelligent barcoding technology to recognise the specific film, allowing the correct inflation levels and sealing temperature to be applied automatically. This not only removes any element of human error in selecting the right levels, thus reducing the chance of product damage when in transit, but also speeds up machine setup time. In addition, USB storage means that initial setup is required only once, with all data then stored within the machine’s memory.

A major benefit of all air packaging systems is that they require less combined storage space than bulkier and more traditional void-fill products. Supplied as a roll of film, the air cushions remain flat until inflated. Typically, one roll of uninflated film taking up less than 1ft2, creates 850m2 of cushioning when inflated – the equivalent of stocking 11 large bales of bubble wrap, which would require a staggering 37ft2 of storage space.

Most air packaging films are 100% recyclable, are easy to use and, with 98% of the product being pure air, are very light, which means that transit costs are kept to a minimum as no extra weight is added to the packed carton or pallet.


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