Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) Corrugated Sector is backing an innovative and high-profile Europe-wide campaign promoting the major economic and environmental advantages to the supply chain of Corrugated Packaging.

CPI-PR12a-Mr-CorrugatedEuropean Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO) has created a video featuring brand ambassador ‘Mr Corrugated’ (view it at The video focuses on the ‘five easies’ of shelf ready packaging (SRP) for retailers – it’s easy to identify, easy to open, easy to get on shelf, easy to access and easy to flatten and recycle – as well as its core message.

The animated character’s portrayal of corrugated’s economic, protective, recyclable and renewable qualities in a fun way will reinforce the fundamental benefits that this versatile packaging can provide for logistical operations in a wide range of industry sectors.

CPI’s Director of Packaging Affairs, Andy Barnetson, said: “FEFCO’s campaign featuring Mr Corrugated is very clever and appealing, and is sure to make an impact. The video is great at effectively communicating the message that environmental concerns and economical packaging are not incompatible.”

CPI has recently strengthened its ties with FEFCO to promote the interests of the Corrugated Packaging Industry throughout the European Union. CPI believes this will help strengthen the UK’s position and increase its influence on decisions taken across Europe  that affect corrugated manufacturing plants in the UK.

However, while CPI is pooling resources with FEFCO and seeking to exchange best practice as part of the Europe-wide campaign, Mr Barnetson stressed that the emphasis on closer links will still allow CPI to retain its independent voice on national issues.

By collaborating on key issues, CPI and FEFCO believe they can also influence policy makers in Brussels, the heart of the EU, by getting them to recognise the importance of the Corrugated Industry to the economy and the environment.

CPI represents a multi-billion pound industry, thousands of UK jobs and the best packaging recycling record in the country. The Industry is proud to use and promote a sustainable and renewable material, over 80% of which is recycled, saving an area the size of Greater London from landfill every four months.

Protecting around 75% of goods in transit, Corrugated has led the way on issues such as lightweight packaging and space efficiency in stores and trucks, resulting in fewer lorries on the road.

UK corrugated companies are also committed to reducing waste in the supply chain by making significant investments in preventative steps such as providing easier opening solutions, clearer date labelling, high presentation printing and smaller pack sizes.

Corrugated packaging can bring value to all areas of the supply chain. It reduces the costs of logistics in transport, in warehousing and at the point of sale. Corrugated’s adaptability also makes it a great material to innovate with, and Mr Corrugated is a fun, impactful and appealing way of getting these messages across.

Confederation of Paper Industries

Andy Barnetson

Director of Packaging Affairs

Tel: 01793 889602


Twitter: @CorrugatedCPI

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