Jelly Belly® is the original gourmet jelly bean, famous globally for its authentic and intense flavours. No other jelly bean has the iconic status of Jelly Belly.

“The Jelly Belly range and variety of flavours is astonishing,” says Tony Alfano managing director of Best Imports, the UK importer. “The brand always exceeds consumer expectations with its superior quality and unparalleled choice. This is what sets Jelly Belly apart in the jelly bean world.”

A real foodie treat, Jelly Belly was the first jelly bean to blend flavours into the heart of the bean.  Manufactured to the highest standards under the coveted OU kosher certification, it can take up to 21 days to create a single Jelly Belly jelly bean. They contain just 4 calories are free-from fat, dairy, wheat, gluten, nuts and gelatine. Jelly Belly Candy Company developed the first range of jelly beans made entirely free from all artificial flavours and colours when they launched Beanaturals® in 2007.

The Jelly Belly range extends to over 90 different flavours with an increasing choice of mixes including Sours, Smoothies, Ice Cream Parlour, Soda Pop Shoppe, Sunkist Citrus and  Superfruits. Also available is No Added Sugar and the Sport Beans® range. The BeanBoozled® novelty pack combines lookalike weird and wonderful flavours and is part of the successful Jelly Belly gift collection along with the Fab Five, Cocktail Classics and Hello Kitty! Other lines to look out for are the Jelly Belly Lolly Beans,  Candy Canes and the new, exciting Jelly Belly Sodas.

The increased awareness of Jelly Belly has meant a greater sophistication in consumer tastes and the way the beans purchased. “Customers are now requesting individual flavours as well as the packaged, mixed varieties,” says Tony Alfano. “To meet retail demand we’ve introduced the 12 unit display. It looks fabulous, presents the brand in all its colourful glory and perfectly accommodates the new Jelly Belly sensation – individual  flavour pyramid bags.

“Customers love Jelly Belly because it really is a great, fun taste adventure” says Alfano “and this has to be communicated at the point of sale.”

The stand is stable and sturdy  with lockable wheels, has a realistic footprint of 43x33x178cm and is user friendly. Two 12 Unit Bulk Displays can be placed back to back – thereby doubling the fun. They can also be adapted to accommodate packaged Jelly Belly product so retailers can start with fewer individual flavours and build up, once they know their customer’s preferences.

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