ambi2Ambi Pur, the expert in home fragrance and ambience creation, has launched a new and exciting range of natural scents inspired by the world. Over the years, National Geographic has explored the world’s most beautiful places and experienced some amazing fragrances.  Now Ambi Pur has been able to capture these authentic and natural scents so you can enjoy them in your own home.

In the new National Geographic range there are two natural scents available: Japan Tatami and Nevada Desert Flower.  These are two gorgeous and authentic scents inspired by tradition and natural wonders.

Japan Tatami is a fresh and soothing scent inspired by the Igusa grass, traditionally used by the Japanese to make Tatami mats. This authentic fragrance has a fresh scent with dry herbs and chamomile touches, and will bring a sense of harmony and serenity into your home.

Nevada Desert Flower is a delicate floral fragrance inspired by the natural wonders of the Nevada desert, where the Nevada desert flower only has a chance to bloom when winter rains are heavy. Its rare scent, now captured by Ambi Pur, combines the sweet notes of apricot and green herbal notes enhanced with fresh spices. Both of the fragrances in the National Geographic range are made with natural essences to offer authentic scents.  Each is available in a single perfume plug-in and in the revolutionary 3volution plug-in with the harmonious fragrances of Japan Rituals and Nevada Desert Essence.  The Ambi Pur 3volution plug-in combines three alternating but complementary scents that are released in a continuous cycle, one after the other, every 45 minutes so you never get used to the fragrance and can enjoy it again and again and again.

In addition, both fragrances can be experienced in a complementary scented candle, made with natural vegetable wax and set in frosted glass with a stylish design etched around the jar. The National Geographic home fragrance range is packaged in recycled, recyclable and biodegradable materials.

Ambi Pur will be supporting the new National Geographic range with a £6.1m advertising campaign, which includes heavy weight TV running from 2nd October, in-store activation, PR and press and online support.

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  1. Joyce mitchell

    Hi, i will like to know how i can get cleopatra/paris perfume bath crean and shower milk to buy. it was given to me as a gift and its very beautiful , it is by cadum. if i can order on the web please let me know, greatly appreciated. joyce


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