As part of its on-going strategy to target further growth in emerging global markets, including China, India, Korea and South America, Allen Coding Systems is now offering its high performance XL-Series of thermal transfer units with advanced Unicode capability and iView colour touch screen for easy real-time and variable multi language printing.


Suitable for all intermittent applications within overseas food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, Allen’s XL-Series does not compromise on print or system quality despite being an impressive 35% less expensive than other thermal transfer systems.

As well as a two component, space saving design, the XL-Series offers several exciting new features, including iView colour touch screen with simple-to-use graphical user interface for  convenient multi-printer operation, Ethernet and USB connectivity, and duel processors (one for communication and one for printing) to ensure high speed performance.

Steve Ryan, UK Sales & OEM Manager at Allen Coding explains: “While many thermal transfer technologies advertise they are ‘Unicode-ready’, it normally means that language characters are used as locked images. This does not mean they offer true real-time, variable print Unicode capabilities.”

He continues: “The XL-Series was specially designed to provide seamless Unicode performance for high speed printing of variable information in an impressive number of languages. In addition, a simple design and robust construction helps meet the requirements of most industrial coding applications.”

“Different control unit options allow us to match global customers’ needs, whether they prefer to specify a user friendly handset, or control the printer from the comfort of the office via a PC,” he concludes.

The upgraded XL-Series can be easily integrated with a wide range of host equipment such as vertical and horizontal form-fill-seal systems, primary labellers, thermoformers and overwrapping equipment.

The iView touch screen can be configured in English, German, Spanish, Portugese, French, Italian, Swedish, Russian, Korean and Arabic. Additional user-interface languages are regularly added and specific languages can be included on request.

Featuring a highly robust, industrial design and up to 600 metres ribbon capacity for extended use with minimal downtime, Allen’s XL-Series provides reliable and accurate printing of barcodes, sell-by dates, batch numbers, prices, source codes and other text and graphics, including Julian date and 2D Datamatrix codes, at speeds up to 450 prints per minute and 5mm print height.

There are three models in the latest upgrade: the 53XL80U features a maximum print area of 53mm x 80mm and comes with an unprecedented two-year warranty; the 53XL40 features a print area of 53mm x 40mm, whilst the 53XLC is a continuous version with print area of 53mm x 80mm.

Users can choose between 3inch, 7inch and 10.4inch control units with varying performance capabilities. In addition to standard frame designs, which are suitable for most installations, Allen also offers a ‘bespoke’ frame design service ensuring the coders integrate seamlessly into all types of production line.

The XL-Series comes with JDS7 software but a number of options are available including Codesoft and Allen’s own a:design: a platform developed for optimal performance with the company’s XL-Series. Custom-designed software can also be developed.

Allen Coding is part .of the ITW Marking & Coding Division, which also comprises Allen Spain, Norwood, Diagraph, Trident and Allen Germany.

Allen Coding Systems

Steve Ryan

Tel: 01438 347 770

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