Albert Bartlett is a progressive family brand, established in 1948 and dedicated to providing tasty, wholesome food for proper meals. The company is family-owned and is fiercely committed to providing a quality branded range of the best potatoes grown in the most responsible way. Albert Bartlett has long-term partnerships with its growers, stretching back across three generations and there is quality control every step of the process from seeds to delivery of cleaned and packed potatoes. Albert Bartlett potatoes are grown across the UK from the far north of Scotland through the country to Cornwall and across to Northern Ireland and the Island of Jersey. The company also has a growing international presence in France, UAE and North America.


As a member of the Scottish Wildlife Trust, Albert Bartlett is dedicated to looking after the environment, whether on the farm or at the production sites, and has won awards for this commitment being presented earlier this year with the Vision in Business for the Environment Scotland award for large companies. The company employs a green policy at the factory and the superb, clean site based in Airdrie Scotland is the most modern potato packing facility in the world; seventy percent of water used to wash the potatoes is collected rainwater from the roof; the remainder from the company’s own borehole. At all of the production sites, it carefully monitors energy consumption and in doing so, reduces its carbon footprint. The company uses energy efficient management systems to minimise use of gas, electricity and water. Over 25,000 trees have been planted at the Airdrie site by the team. The company also recycles wood, card, plastic and food waste and recycled soil is used for agricultural land improvement

As a family intimately involved in agriculture, the Bartletts are passionate about conserving and nurturing the environment that surrounds them. The company likes to monitor the activity of all of the insects in the fields, as this allows minimal use of any pesticides. Many of the farmers have long five to six year rotations (gaps in between potato crops) to create healthy, rich soil for future generations and potatoes are kept in storage after harvest. Whenever possible Albert Bartlett use temperature control on potatoes to maintain their quality. Being such great fans of wildlife, Albert Bartlett encourages the growth of wild flowers, trees and hedges, which in turn, protects and encourages birds and wildlife.


As part of its ongoing commitment to building the brand Albert Bartlett organises samplings at events such as Big Feastival, BBC Good Food Show, Gardening Scotland and the Royal Highland Show. A TV advertising and poster campaign was launched nationwide in autumn 2014 starring its award-winning branded potatoes alongside two of its long-term ambassadors and UK’s top awarded chefs, Andrew Fairlie and Michel Roux Jr. Working together on this campaign follows a partnership between the top-level chefs and the fresh produce company that spans more than 10 years, based on their mutual appreciation of premium quality, fresh produce from trusted sources.

Both chefs use Albert Bartlett potatoes in their respective Michelin starred restaurants, Andrew Fairlie @ Gleneagles and Michel Roux at Le Gavroche, and are generous in their support of Albert Bartlett’s sound values of quality, consistency, heritage and trust through the chain of field, packing and final product.


A potato is an amazingly nutrient dense food that is bursting with vitamins and minerals. They are a great source of carbohydrate, which means they are a source of energy as well as providing fibre, vitamins and minerals. Starchy foods like potatoes are the perfect base for a healthy balanced diet. Potatoes are low in sugar, virtually fat and saturated fat free and very low in sodium

Albert Bartlett’s exclusive branded potato varieties include the Supreme Salad which has a fresh sweet dairy flavour and a satisfyingly firm bite; perfect boiled or steamed, they can be enjoyed on their own in a salad or as a delicious accompaniment to main meals. The deliciously nutty Apache is small and round in shape with a slightly waxy texture and has a warm red skin dotted with cream coloured patches making excellent roast potatoes with a buttery, chestnut flavour. The intriguing Purple Majesty, launched exclusively by Albert Bartlett in the UK in 2010 has a deep purple colour which contains the same compounds responsible for the purple colour in blueberries, blackberries and black currants, red cabbage and aubergine, packing a powerful nutritional punch. It is ideal for mashing roasting baking and microwaving. The UK’s most popular branded potato, the extraordinarily versatile red-skinned Rooster is a delicious all-rounder which can be steamed, boiled, mashed, baked, chipped and roasted. Grown in the UK, Rooster has been a runaway success with the British shopper, and can be sourced easily in major supermarkets including Asda, Co-op, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco, with the new season’s crops hitting the shelves from October onwards.

Albert Bartlett

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