Rob Keeling, managing director at Airpure – a family-run home fragrance supplier – discusses the winter remedies market.

“With the cold and flu season approaching, retailers must stock up on off-the-shelf remedies in order to meet the growing consumer demand within this convenience-led market. People don’t want to wait around for an appointment with their doctor before getting something to alleviate their symptoms, particularly when it comes to the unavoidable yet harmless runny nose. And, let’s not forget the increasing prescription charge – why bother when you can pick up remedies from your local retailer in half the time for half the price?

Better Wholesaling has predicted that the over-thecounter market will be worth £700m by 2020.

“With the common cold having no cure, it’s up to retailers to provide off-the-shelf solutions to alleviate symptoms and to make those bed-bound days generally less awful. Decongestants and easy-tobreathe self-remedies are at the forefront of the cold and flu market, with claims they have the ‘winning formula’ in banishing a blocked nose.

“Airpure is a family run business and has been at the forefront of the home fragrance market for over 9 years. Through the innovation and development of new products, we have come to understand key trends within this growing market. Due to the ongoing popularity of wax melts, Airpure has developed its product range to include the vapour candle and vapour wax melts.

“Our new vapour wax melts follow on from the success of our vapour candles, which release a soothing menthol scent to assist breathing.”

Each pack of six wax melts gives up to 100 hours of fragrance and can be used alongside any over-the-counter remedies. The Airpure wax melts will be available in stores from October.

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