Refrigeration innovator, Applied Design & Engineering Limited (Adande Refrigeration’s parent company), received positive feedback to the unveiling of its prototype ‘Crivat’ Aircell® refrigerated Grab & Go cabinet at the international hospitality show, HOST, held in Milan 20 – 24 October. The integral multi deck cabinet was fully operational on the stand, allowing visitors to gain first-hand experience of its food to go focused features. End users, manufacturers and distributors from around the world visited the stand to witness demonstrations of the ‘Crivat’ Aircell® model. Several visitors reported that they were keen to commit to in store trials, whilst others expressed an interest in incorporating the technology within their own cabinets and introducing the potential benefits to their high profile food retailing and foodservice customers. One European cabinet manufacturer described the concept as “ground breaking”.

Visitors noted that they could feel no chilled air whilst standing in front of the cabinet, which is testament to the minimal cold air spillage from the ‘Crivat’ Aircell® Grab & Go cabinet. Others commented on the reduced humidity in the cabinet, which was demonstrated by the fact that there was no condensation on bottles of soft drinks in the display, but condensation appeared on bottles when they were removed from the unit.

Visitors were impressed by the results of a field trial of a ‘Crivat’ Aircell® Grab & Go cabinet at Le Pain Quotidien food to go outlet in Soho, London. Over a three week test period, energy consumption of the ‘Crivat’ Aircell® cabinet was measured as 33% less than the store’s existing open front multi deck display. This reduction in energy consumption would represent an annual saving in electricity costs of £365. During the same trial, cabinet air temperature was measured to a bandwidth of 4°C in the ‘Crivat’ Aircell® model, compared with an average range of 11°C in the store’s existing open front multi deck. The narrow temperature range of the ‘Crivat’ Aircell® model helps to maintain the quality and fresh appearance of food to go, providing a more enjoyable eating experience for the customer and reducing waste.

The ‘Crivat’ Aircell® cabinet, provides a range of food to go focused features. Reduced energy consumption of over 30% delivers cost savings, tighter holding temperature means that food stays fresh for longer and minimal cold air spillage improves customer comfort levels. The ‘Crivat’ Aircell® cabinet has a larger shelf display area than competitive display cases with similar footprints, ensuring that there is more product on the shelves. This reduces the potential for shelf stock being exhausted and consequent lost sales, especially during periods of peak trading. It also reduces the frequency of shelf restocking.

The cabinet is ideal for busy grab & go outlets, where simple and speedy access to food to go is essential. The ‘Crivat’ Aircell® cabinet delivers all of the benefits of conventional open front cabinets, as well as the energy saving characteristics associated with glass door cabinets, to provide the customer with an improved and convenient shopping experience.

Applied Design & Engineering’s Chairman, Nigel Bell, stated:

“HOST has provided us with an ideal platform to introduce the ‘Crivat’ Aircell® Grab & Go cabinet to a global audience. We are delighted with the feedback we have received from visitors, which has demonstrated that the market recognises the tangible benefits of refrigerated display cabinets, incorporating Aircell® technology, provide for food to go operators. We are now preparing for the full commercial launch in the first quarter of 2018.”


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