Real innovation, the sort that moves a category forward, is rare, but as Air Wick has shown in the past, it is both possible and game-changing.

Air Wick the market leading air-freshener from RB, has long been at the forefront of delivering innovation and driving category growth. The latest range introduces the biggest fragrance breakthrough in a decade.

Advances in fragrance technology mean that the new Air Wick Life Scents range is set to deliver a truly multi-dimensional fragrance that, for the first time, recreates the layered fragrance experience we get from nature, giving consumers an ever-changing fragrance that retains its strength and ‘freshness’ over time.

The Air Wick Life Scents technology is so unique that it is currently patent pending so that it can be protected. Air Wick Life Scents is the only air freshener which is able to present fragrance components or ‘accords’ that remain separate so that the different scents are delivered in no particular order giving users a truly natural fragrance experience and because of the way the accords ‘fight’ it does not fade as you become accustomed to it.

Air Wick knows that consumers are increasingly looking for more than ‘just’ odour management in their choice of air care products and are seeking continuous fragrance that enhances the home environment – and look good in the home. While 88% of consumers use air fresheners to create an atmosphere in their home, 69% of consumers still think that they smell artificial. Therefore, Air Wick Life Scents presents a huge opportunity to boost both sales and category growth.

“We are very excited by this new range. Air Wick Life Scents is the first major advance in fragrance technology for a decade or more, and is a completely new way of presenting air care fragrance that meets consumers’ aspirations for a natural fragrance. The technology that has allowed us to launch this new range is unique in being able to combine a range of changing fragrance notes within one fragrance. We have done this by creating three separate ‘accords’ or groups of notes within a single fragrance and because these accords are constantly ‘fighting’ each other for dominance, users experience multi-dimensional fragrance in the same way that they perceive scents in everyday life.

“Air Wick Life Scents is the biggest development in the brand for many years and we are making sure that consumers know about it. Air Wick Life Scents will receive massive cross platform marketing support with a £4 million 360º campaign including TV, digital, social, OOH/in-store activity breaking in the New Year. This is a launch that underlines Air Wick’s market leadership” said Jerome Lemaire RB UK Marketing Director.

Air Wick Life Scents range will be present across key scented oil plug-ins, Freshmatic autosprays, reed diffusers and colour changing candles, ensuring a strong presence on all key formats throughout the year as well as addressing Air care seasonal opportunities.

Available in a range of new fragrances – Summer Delights (white flowers, melon and vanilla orchid), Mystical Garden (Raspberry, rose and marshmallow), Turquoise Oasis (driftwood, sea spray and ‘warm breeze’), plus seasonal fragrance introductions across the year – Air Wick Life Scents will truly revolutionize the world of fragrance.


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