foodwarehousediagramDairy co-operative, Long Clawson of Melton Mowbray, are old cheese-making specialists, with modern day temperature monitoring playing an important part in controlling the processing of their cheese to produce exceptional quality time after time.

The Tinytag Radio or Wireless Data Logging System by Gemini Data Loggers (UK) Ltd is an intelligent system which helps to prove that a constant temperature is maintained throughout the supply chain and conveniently allows the user to gather and collate data at one central point.

The temperature radio loggers are used to monitor temperature both on site and during transportation. The units are placed in the starter freezers, where the cultures for the initial stages of cheese making are kept, and also in each refrigerated delivery vans.

Each logger has their own local memory to avoid loss of data in the case of dropped signals, such as the temporary obstruction of a fork lift truck between transmitting loggers, or when vans are out on delivery and out of range of the receiver (which is connected to a computer at the depot). Each temperature logger is able to store or cache temperature data in such situations, automatically sending all cached data to the receiver once the logger resumes a connection.

Data is collated using Tinytag Explorer software, which presents the information in various user friendly formats, viewable by any PC on the network. As demonstrated, the system works well in the food processing industry because of the need to meet the requirements of Food Safety Legislation, in addition to a company’s own quality goals.

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