Adande® has supplied refrigerated drawer systems to the Juice Spa and Pizza Bar departments of the new Whole Foods Market in Cheltenham. The launch of the 27,000 sq ft store follows the opening of five outlets in London and one in Glasgow. The Cheltenham store places an emphasis on the quality and freshness of healthy option, organic produce, stocking more than 330 locally sourced Gloucestershire products, as well as 50 from Cheltenham itself.

The store’s Juice Spa offers a variety of freshly prepared fruit drinks and smoothies. Fresh produce ingredients, including grapes, mangos, blackberries, oranges and lemons are stored within an Adande® refrigerated two drawer system, located in the Juice Spa. Adande® also supplied a two drawer refrigerated unit for the store’s Pizza Bar. The unit is used for the storage of a variety of topping ingredients for pizzas freshly baked in store.

The patented Adande® drawer systems are considered particularly appropriate for busy food retailing operations, such as the Juice Spa and Pizza Bar at the Whole Foods Market. The refrigerated units feature an innovative modified air flow pattern, which delivers high efficiency cooling. They work on the principle that cold air is denser than warm air, with specially designed insulated drawers holding the refrigerated air within the units, no matter how frequently the drawers are opened. Adande® units eliminate warm air infiltration, delivering stable temperature and humidity, for optimum food quality and extended storage life of perishable produce, reducing food wastage by up to 25%. The efficiency of the insulated drawers means that less energy is used for cooling, providing savings of up to 60% and a reduced carbon footprint, compared with other refrigeration systems.

The fact that the drawer units are conveniently positioned within the food preparation areas also means that staff do not need to leave their workstations to fetch stock, promoting operator efficiency and speeding up customer service.

Adande® UK Sales Director, Karl Hodgson, stated: “Product quality and freshness are the bywords of the Whole Foods Market retailing philosophy and our refrigerated drawer systems are helping the Juice Spa and Pizza Bar departments to maintain fresh produce in prime condition for longer.”

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