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Adande® has supplied a refrigerated drawer system with an integral blast chill function to family butcher, R Turnbull & Sons of Alnwick, Northumberland. Turnbull’s has been trading in the market town of Alnwick for over 130 years. The butcher places great emphasis on top quality local produce, including cooked meats, pies, sausages, burgers and ready meals, all freshly prepared in store. Turnbull’s enjoys brisk trade from the local community, as well as supplying hotels, restaurants and pubs in the area.


Adande® supplied a compact, space saving two drawer module, with each drawer able to operate as a chiller, freezer or blast chiller at the flick of a switch. The butcher uses the Adande® unit to blast chill cooked joints and hold them at stable and accurate temperatures, before transfer to a walk-in cold room.

Proprietor, Mark Turnbull, explained: “Typically, we place the cooked joint in the blast chiller at the end of the trading day. When the joint is pulled down to the appropriate temperature, the unit automatically switches to refrigeration mode, holding the product at a precise and food safe temperature, ready for sale the next day.”

He added: “We had been very keen to introduce blast chilling to our business, but found it difficult to find a suitable solution. The large capacity of the Adande® unit, relative to its compact footprint, is ideal for our store where floor space is at a premium.”

The unique and patented Adande® refrigerated drawer system features insulated drawers and an innovative modified air flow pattern, which deliver high efficiency cooling, together with accurate and stable temperature control. The blast chiller function can pull down a 5Kg load from 70ºC to 3ºC in 90 minutes, eliminating the proliferation of harmful bacteria.

Mr Turnbull stated that the Adande® unit is proving an invaluable tool within the business: “The Adande® system provides us with operational versatility and additional cold storage capacity. We are totally committed to HACCP procedures and the unit’s data logger helps us demonstrate that we are complying with legislation and guidelines. During a recent routine visit, the EHO was very impressed with the Adande® system and our food safety regimes.”

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