apx_hardware.jpgMonday 1st December 2008 saw a big change in UK business practice. While most big retailers moved their prices lower to attract extra walk-in traffic before the day came, the mass of our retailers scrambled to find the cheapest and most effective solution. As a result there were three outcomes – those retailers that reduced the VAT to 15%, and reduced their prices; those that kept their prices the same and increased their margin by an extra 2.1739%; those that charged as per the label but gave the refund of the VAT back at the point of sale.

AccuPOS is used by small to medium size companies in both the retail and hospitality sectors. Company director Mr El-Azar Levy says: “Our clients on average have changed their entire product list prices in less than 10 minutes, following the VAT change.  Yes, that is correct. All inventory VAT was changed directly in their Accounting application, either QuickBooks or Sage 50 Accounts, and with a click of the mouse AccuPOS imported all the new prices. What’s more, at the end of every day when they ‘Z out,’ AccuPOS sends the complete day’s sales directly back into the accounts system, giving you more time to be with the family. ”

AccuPOS’s customers avoided the mayhem of Monday 1st December. Isn’t it about time you switched YOUR business to new technology?!

AccuPOS have a free 15-day trial download available directly from their web site. Visit www.accupos.co.uk or call 020 8203 9345.

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