It’s no secret that the internet and out-of-town supermarkets have changed our shopping habits and taken their toll on the beloved high streets at the heart of our communities. It’s an issue the Government is taking seriously, calling in the expertise of Mary Portas; and accepting virtually all of the Queen of Shops’ recommendations for rejuvenating Britain’s town centres. Her changes won’t be easy to implement and come at a heavy cost, running to many millions. However, one start-up, Useful Little Card, has come up with an ingenious, simple and elegant solution which is helping shoppers fall in love with the high street all over again.

For just £25, keen shoppers receive a handy card entitling them to a discount at many of their favourite high street retailers, including the best local indies as well as big name brands. The card caters to the needs of cost-conscious consumers and helping retailers by bringing in new customers and rewarding the most frequent and valuable of these shoppers. Useful Little Card comes at a perfect time for consumers and retailers adapting to today’s challenging economic climate and changing retail landscape. Now is the time to indulge that passion for fashion, furnishings, fine foods or just a love of retail, by enjoying the great experience that only comes from high street shopping.

It’s an innovative scheme which benefits everyone, but will it catch on? Well we all know that shoppers love a bargain and it seems Useful Little Card is set to reiginite retail as the Taste Card has done so successfully for the restaurant and hospitality sector. Retailers have responded favourably, with new businesses signing up every day, as the card offers them complete freedom to set their own offers and discounts, across their range or on individual items, as appropriate for each outlet.

Managing Director, Dot Blakemore summarises the benefits: “A Useful Little Card will draw together high street shop and business owners and bring shoppers in to the high street to obtain discounts on unique items.” A Useful Little Card is available from and may just be the best purchase retail-lovers make this year.

A Useful Little Card

Dot Blakemore

Tel: 01691 656 609


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