Simply Rose Ltd. launched its Rose Café range of luxury preserves and syrups at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2012. Their high quality preserves and syrups are made from rose petals, rose hips, sour cherries and more unusual berries, such as the chokeberry, bilberry and elderberry, all rich in vitamins, anti oxidants and delicious.

The syrups are very versatile in use: ideal for making drinks, cocktails, hot toddies, smoothies and milkshakes or drizzled on yoghurts, porridge, desserts, cakes, ice creams, frozen yoghurts and sorbets.

The preserves marry well with other jams to create exciting alternatives and can transform desserts such as a fruit mousse or Eton Mess into a more glamorous treat. The products are made in Poland to very high specifications, using traditional home made recipes, a minimum amount of water and no artificial colourings, preservatives or artificial enhancers. The fruit and flowers used are grown in natural conditions without artificial fertilizers.

The producer is a well-established private company, operating for over thirty years. Their products have received many accolades and rewards at food fairs in Poland, where they can be found on the shelves of the majority of health food shops, and the Alma, Bomi and Mini Europa supermarket chains.

Rose products are at the heart of the Rose Café range.

Rose Petals in Sugar, a product made from only two ingredients, fresh rose petals and sugar, received a lot of interest among our visitors from the UK and abroad at the Fair. “It is a raw product that is traditionally used in Central Europe for baking and as a filling in doughnuts, buns, pastries and jam tarts”, explains Dominika Mazurek, Head of Sales at Simply Rose Ltd., adding that, “During the Fair, predominantly pastry chefs, wedding caterers and chocolate producers were interested in this product.”

The star product of the collection proved to be the Rosehip Syrup. “Our Rosehip Syrup is an absolute gem”, says Katherine Strelcyn, General Manager, “It has a unique and great taste, a deep golden colour – a worthy substitute for honey. It was produced in the UK after WWII as a vitamin C supplement for children. Boots was one such producer, and our photograph of its syrup prompted many happy memories from visitors to our stand, as well as interest from some top brands, small delis and coffee shop owners.”

The Rose Café range offers new flavours of syrups and preserves to the consumer in the UK and a taste of summer for all seasons.

Simply Rose Ltd. is a company registered in England with company registration no. 7305090,

Simply Rose Ltd

Tel: 0208 993 8972

Email: hello@

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