A new chapter in the Rothmans brand story opens with the launch of Rothmans Gold and Rothmans Silver available to independent retailers from March 2012. With value seeking adult smokers driving growth in the low segment, the prestigious brand from BAT UK will offer uncompromising Rothmans quality at the affordable price of £5.73.

A special blend of 100% Virginia tobacco delivers exceptional taste, available in full flavour: Rothmans Gold, and a smoother alternative: Rothmans Silver providing adult smokers with more choice from this iconic brand.

Research* has shown an overwhelmingly positive response from adult smokers to this new low price offer from Rothmans which retains all the heritage and quality of the brand in contemporary packaging.

Retailers introduced to the offer can clearly see the sales opportunity** and Rothmans Gold and Rothmans Silver will also provide good margins to ensure retailers are adding value to their category.

Gwilym Cooke, Rothmans Brand Manager at BAT UK comments on the launch: “Incorporating the well-respected heritage and quality of Rothmans with the low price of £5.73 means the launch of Rothmans Gold and Silver is a story you can believe in.”

Rothmans Gold Kingsize (KS) will be available in 20s, 10s and Superkings (SK) variants and Rothmans Silver Kingsize will be available in a KS 20s variant from 12th March 2012 at your local distributors. KS RRP: £5.73, SK RRP: £5.78, 10s RRP £2.93.

*Qualitative research by BAT UK May 2011

** Based on direct feedback from Retail Trade

For more information and to purchase products retailers should contact: 0800 444 236 or email: batuk_customer_services@bat.com

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