What if you could implement a modern, state-of-the-art surveillance system that enables you to:

m2014e_ceiling_right_angle_1302_hi• Improve the profitability of your retail outlet

• Significantly reduce shrinkage

• Improve staff security

And at the same time provide even better service for your customers?

With an Axis network video solution, you can do all of this and more.

Axis is the market leader in network video and a driving force behind the shift from analogue to digital video surveillance, which paves the way for a more secure, smarter and safer world. Axis offers network video solutions for professional installations featuring products and solutions that are based on innovative and open technical platforms.

Products at RBTE

AXIS M30 Network Camera Series – High-performance fixed mini domes

AXIS M30 Series offers affordably priced, highly discreet and easy-to-install fixed domes with HDTV performance and 360°/180° panoramic views. They are ideal for retail stores. Models are available in both indoor and outdoor-ready versions. AXIS M30 cameras are vandal- and dust-resistant (except for AXIS M3007-P), and can be mounted on walls or ceilings. AXIS M3007-P is highly discreet with its smoke-detector look. AXIS M3014 is also available for recessed mounting in drop ceilings.

AXIS P85 Network Camera Series – Eye-level mounted cameras for reliable identification

AXIS P85 Network Camera Series is designed for eye-level placement and the pinhole lens provides a depth of field at 2 m (6.6″ ft), which makes it suitable for identification of close-up shots. The camera’s height is optimized to look straight at the face of people for reliable identification.

axis_logo_color2AXIS P12 Network Camera Series – Extremely discreet surveillance

AXIS P12 Network Camera Series offers small-sized, high-performance cameras for exceptionally discreet indoor and outdoor surveillance. The camera’s unique and functional design allow them to easily blend in to a variety of environments, making them ideal for discreet and covert surveillance in stores, architectural buildings, hotels, offices, banks and ATMs.

AXIS P33 Network Camera Series – Full-featured indoor and outdoor-ready fixed domes designed for efficient installation.

AXIS P33 Series is available in 3 versions: indoor, indoor vandal-resistant and outdoor-ready vandal-resistant. The protective casings and not so prominent design make fixed dome cameras ideal for video surveillance in exposed areas such as airports, subways, retail stores, schools and university campuses.

AXIS M2014-E Network Camera

AXIS M2014-E is a high-performance, compact bullet-style network camera, designed for maximum flexibility and ease of installation. The camera´s functional and compact form factor makes it perfect for installations in retail stores. The camera has a unique design concept comprising a main unit and a separate camera unit, which allows these units to be mounted up to 8 meters (26ft.) apart, providing flexibility to place the camera unit in one place and the main unit elsewhere.

ph_p3343ve_p3344ve_frontPartners in Axis booth


Wavestore are a provider of Video Management Software with market leading integration of the Axis M3007 resulting in Axis cameras being a more powerful tool than ever before when it comes to fighting retail shrink. In addition they boast a user interface that is simple and intuitive again making it perfectly suited to the retail segment allowing multiple users to easily be cascade trained. For additional benefits beyond Loss Prevention Wavestore have integrated 3rd party software such as Herta Security Bio-Marketing resulting in a package that goes way beyond Loss Prevention and Security.


Vizualize stand out in a market with many retail analytics available for a number of reasons. Their ability to utilise a stream from an M3007 means that the IP Cameras being installed for Loss Prevention can truly be shared with other departments wishing to take advantage of the Vizualize package. Sweating the asset has never been so simple allowing departments to gain customer behaviour details such as People Counting, Heat mapping, Dwell Zones, Queue Management and Demographic details. All of this data is delivered in an easy to understand dashboard that makes the data accessible and actionable.

Visit AXIS at the Retail Business Technology Expo on stand 318.

Axis Communications (UK) Ltd

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Sales contact: Scott Brothers,

Retail Business Development Manager – Northern Europe

Tel: 07720 593515

Email: scott.brothers@axis.com

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