dressing_by_3When Braham & Murray decided to re-launch their GOOD Salad Dressing range, they turned to glass manufacturer Beatson Clark to serve up some new glass packaging.

The company ultimately selected the 250ml Round Sauce Bottle from the Beatson Clark’s extensive general sale range. The white flint bottle has a 43mm twist off standard neck finish.

The new bottle is being used for the GOOD Brand’s Salad Dressing Range which consists of Honey & Mustard, Balsamic and Caesar. They are all are a great way to add flavour, plus Omega 3, 6 & 9 to salads. The dressings are made with GOOD Oil which is a cold pressed Hemp Seed Oil. GOOD Dressings are suitable for vegetarians and both the Balsamic and Honey and Mustard are gluten free.

Hemp Seed is considered one of nature’s ‘super foods’ and oil produced from the seed has high levels of Omega 3, 6 & 9, approximately half the saturated fat of olive oil, no trans fats, plus 10ml of GOOD Oil contains as much GLA as 6 Evening Primrose capsules. It is said to contribute to the health of the heart, skin and hair, joints, immune system and hormone balance, plus much more.

Braham & Murray is a company dedicated to sustainable farming and has developed its GOOD range of products, the original being GOOD Oil, made with Hemp. The products have been a great success, particularly with health conscious ‘foodies’ but it was felt the time was right to introduce these products to more people, with new packaging to match.

The nature of the GOOD business and its focus on sustainability also ties in well with Beatson Clark’s philosophy, particularly with regard to the recycling of glass.

Just like the GOOD range, glass is also good for you and good for the environment. “When discussing glass, it is natural for us to keep talking about its unique properties and the environmental value of glass as a packaging medium,” said Beatson Clark Marketing Manager Charlotte Taylor. “Many people remain unaware of just how good glass is and the advantages it holds over other forms of packaging.”

Glass is infinitely recyclable and can be used repeatedly with no loss of strength or quality. This recycling is important when confronting the dangers of man-made climate change, as less natural resources need to be used in production. Together with new lightweighting processes, the cost to the environment in terms of manufacturing and transport costs is further reduced. Recycled glass is also one less product that needs to be sent to landfill and while customers choose Beatson Clark for their quality, they also know they are making a good environmental and sustainable choice too.

“The company chose Beatson Clark as their supplier due to the quality of our glass packaging, which we are very pleased about,” said Charlotte, “Braham and Murray have bought from us before and good service, fair pricing and of course good glass has led them back to us to supply the packaging for the new range.”

The new salad dressings are available via the company website, Waitrose and a selection of independent retailers.

For more information about Beatson Clark call: 01709 828141 or visit www.beatsonclark.co.uk

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