If you are eating some nice fresh fruit such as a banana, pineapple, apple or a citrus variety then the chances are it was imported in to this country by MMD Shipping in Portsmouth – and the quality and freshness of the product has been significantly maintained by the newly installed Testo Saveris wireless temperature and humidity monitoring system.

The sheer scale of the MMD operation is truly impressive, utilising approximately 700,000 pallets per annum. Some 70% of all UK banana imports alone are handled by the company operating five dedicated warehouses where the different fruits are taken directly from the ships at the quayside.

Previously the company had relied on a combination of conventional thermometers and visual checks whilst using the massive doors as a cooling method in their own right. However, this system didn’t allow for ongoing accurate written records of the air quality. Maintenance Manager David Simpson instigated a thorough assessment of specialist systems on the market and having visited Testo at Alton for a demonstration of the Saveris system and the calibration facilities realised that this would be the ideal solution for his needs. The system comprises of a quickly installed base unit which controls multiple wireless probes with a range of up to 300 metres positioned throughout the complex and linked to the Ethernet via adjacent converters which are not affected by other radio waves.  Where structural conditions may interfere then routers maintain the signal. To indicate the scope of the base unit – which is connected to a PC – it can incorporate up to 150 probes or over 250 measurement channels and can save typically a year’s worth of data with its built in memory. In actual performance terms Mr Simpson is very pleased with the investment “ The Testo technology means that I can watch over the whole operation from my desk and ensure that absolute varied conditions can be constantly and accurately maintained to meet individual product requirements which range from 0 to +20 degrees. Where we reach a critical measurement value at any moment then the automatic alarm system alerts me. The data recording benefit has proved to be of great value for example where a fruit producer has had a deterioration situation along the route to market. We will certainly be turning to Testo when our new storage building is completed and the overall system contributes significantly to our quality control and business image”.

Testo Wireless Data Monitoring System Goes Mobile…

Stay in control with temperature and humidity monitoring during transport with Testo Saveris.

With the diversification into transport and mobile applications,  the Testo Saveris data monitoring system from the measurement technology specialists now offers a highly professional measurement and documentation solution for many different areas of application.

Testo Ltd is pleased to announce a new extension to the Testo Saveris Data Monitoring System, which now makes it suitable for use in mobile applications, for example, during the transport of food goods or pharmaceuticals.

The Testo Saveris Data Monitoring System continuously monitors temperature and humidity accurately and reliably. The easy-to-use system automatically measures, documents and issues alarms whenever limit values are exceeded.

During transport, probes continuously transfer and display measurement values and alarms wirelessly to a Cockpit Unit, which is situated in the driver’s cabin. At the point of delivery there is the option to print results on-site to an infrared printer. Once the probes come within the range of the Saveris system, all measurement values are automatically, and centrally stored in a database.

The new Saveris software now provides many additional functions such as the tour management with calendar function, for high flexibility during planning of measurement tasks. It is available in two different versions; The first being the Professional Software, which enables a detailed presentation of measurement value curves and further analysis functions for the recorded measurement data. The second being a 21 CFR-conform software which allows the complete integration of the access concept into the tried and tested Windows security system, and CFR-conform data storage with a serial number-secured database. CFR-conform printouts go without saying.

Both software versions generate un-editable PDF reports and can be created automatically, either daily, weekly or monthly. This means Testo Saveris guarantees uninterrupted monitoring and control of different processes – from production and storage, via transport, up to delivery.

For further information please call 01420 544433; email pr@testo.co.uk or visit www.testo.co.uk or visit our webshop: www.testodirect.co.uk

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