drop-02.jpgAn innovative automated order picking system has been introduced to the UK by Dutch company NAWI PVF BV. Called D.R.O.P. (Distribution Related Order Picking), this revolutionary system reduces handling and transport costs and simplifies truck routing for companies that handle finished products in crates or trays. The system has been implemented very successfully in the short shelf-life food industry and may have applications in many other industries.

D.R.O.P. is very simple to operate and handles everything from de-stocking the buffer store and labelling the trays through to sorting and stacking onto trolleys which are then collated into multiple product deliveries on either a shop or distribution centre level, or both, as required. All products are traced and tracked throughout the system whilst ensuring the PLU order of each stack.

D.R.O.P. draws on NAWI’s extensive experience of automated warehousing and employs proven equipment coupled with in-house software and automation capability. It creates an economic mix of manual and automatic order picking for small or large delivery systems, up to approximately 10,000 crates/hour.

NAWI PVF is represented in the UK by Shareteq Ltd.

Shareteq Ltd
Tel: 01775 710100
Email: info@shareteq.com

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