The global retail industry is increasingly facing both exciting and challenging conditions, particularly with the introduction of new technologies, increasing shopper demands and continued international economic concerns. It is therefore now more important than ever for retailers to engage with shoppers in order to influence their behaviour.

Because of these factors, the shopper has evolved. Today’s consumer is faster, savings focussed and less loyal. Looking back over 2012, TCC has addressed the concerns of retailers as a result of this changing behaviour and has facilitated marketing programmes to help its clients drive, gain and retain footfall and spend through voucher collection offers. This year TCC’s retail programmes have, for many clients, answered most common concerns, particularly in the supermarket and petrol spaces:

• How do we get shoppers to shop the whole store, not just specific areas?

• How do we get the car driver to spend money in-store after filling up with fuel?

• How do we get the shopper to purchase just one extra item in their basket each visit?

• How do we get make them want to shop here?

2012 in the UK has seen TCC deliver programmes for Tesco using voucher promotions in the UK and Ireland to launch campaigns with branded cookware, glassware, Swiss luggage and quality cutlery. The rewards are timed throughout the year to appeal to customers’ needs, for example, Tesco ran a luggage programme in June which proved successful ahead of the summer holiday period.

TCC’s 2012 programmes across Europe have spanned a wide range of categories including kitchenware, sport, Iuggage, textiles and jewellery. For example, Spanish retailer Eroski ran a dinnerware promotion to grow market share and increase fresh food sales; and Italian supermarket chain Conad achieved huge success on a campaign around colourful children’s collectable characters the ‘Goodness Gang’, increasing average spend on fruit and vegetables by 14 per cent and average item value by 11.7 per cent.

Many campaigns this year have also been multinational, reflecting the globalisation of today’s consumer market. One successful campaign which appealed on a global level was the launch of Smurfs 3D early in the year. The eight-week retail marketing campaign encompassed a range of retail promotional programmes in Statoil in Sweden, Delhaize in Belgium and El Arbol in Spain. A range of products based around the distinctive blue characters were available for shoppers to collect, including Smurf plush marionettes, Smurf figurines, Smurf glasses and Smurf sticker collections. On top of this, the campaign is supported by display and point of sale materials to promote the offers in-store.

These campaigns were strategically delivered to draw the attention and the repeat custom of consumers who are increasingly fast and focussed when running into a store and, as we look to 2013, this trend is set to continue. From experience and forward planning it is evident that next year is set to be a big year with a particular focus on movie-related events, which have proved very popular in the past with programmes such as the aforementioned Smurf 3D campaign.

2013 brings a continued focus on innovation and consumer knowledge, the benefits of which will be passed on to TCC’s valued customers.

David Ringer is TCC’s General Manager for UK and Ireland.


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