rowsehoneyRowse Honey has been happily making and importing honey since 1938.

Now in 2009, the company – now a part of the Wellness Foods family – is mounting a drive to help save honey bees which are now officially under threat. And that’s a problem because bees help us to pollinate many of the crops we rely on for essential food around the world. They are under threat due to climate change, pesticide use, disease and other factors.

To counter the problem in the UK, the clever marketing people at Rowse Honey have launched a ‘Save Our Honey Bees’ campaign using a lid-top Fix-a-Form from Denny Bros to carry the all-important details. The 6-page, circular Fix-a-Form points consumers to the Rowse Honey website to enter the unique promotion code printed on the base label. And each person that backs the campaign can claim a free pack of wildflower seeds for people to sow in their gardens to help to put the ‘balance’ back into nature.

In total 600,000 jars of Rowse Blossom Honey were produced for the promotion, looking resplendent with their jaunty matching labels and Fix-a-Form. It is estimated that 25,000 packs of bee-friendly flower seeds will be given away by during the campaign which ends in December.

Talking about the pack aesthetics, a spokesperson for Rowse Honey said: “We are genuinely delighted with the way the jars look on shelf – so very sweet and clearly irresistible.”

Rowse Honey is serious about the campaign to save honey bees. It has committed to investing £100,000 in honey bee health research over the next three years.

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  1. Great to see more steps being taken to help save the honey bee – raising awareness is crucially important, and the wildflower seeds is a great idea. What most people do not realise is that a beautiful manicured weed free lawn is just like a desert for pollinating insects – insects need diversity to survive, and that includes weeds nd wild flowers.


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