clearasil-ultra-rapid-spot-blockerReckitt Benckiser is launching a second exciting innovative product that is set to change the way young people tackle spots. The new Clearasil Ultra ‘Spot Blocker Pen’s’ next generation spot fighting ingredients are designed to stop spots before they appear. With an RSP of £6.84 this new form of spot treatment is delivered via a portable precision pen applicator and heralds a new era of ‘liberating’ on-the-go spot control.

The Spot Blocker launch will be supported by a high profile television and cinema advertising campaign that broke in March. This is part of the wider fun Clearasil May Cause Confidence media campaign, first introduced in 2008, which will run on TV, cinema, online and in-store, and is designed to promote the whole Clearasil range of next generation, supreme performance spot fighting products. The campaign will run throughout 2009.

The Ultra ‘Spot Blocker Pen’ is a perfect example of both Reckitt Benckiser’s strategy of constant innovation, and the company’s commitment to halting the decline and growing the overall young skincare sector, as well as Clearasil’s own share. This unique product is designed to be applied as soon as a new spot is felt.

Containing a delicately balanced salicylic acid formulation that leaves no unsightly residue, the new Ultra ‘Spot Blocker Pen’ can be applied discretely throughout the day. It starts work on contact, absorbing quickly to deliver ingredients direct to the pore to stop spots in their tracks.

Reckitt Benckiser’s Clearasil range is the UK’s best-known young skincare brand and has been a trusted choice by young people to help combat spots and blemishes for over 50 years. The range has been the subject of innovation and investment particularly since Reckitt Benckiser acquired the brand in 2006. The new ‘Ultra Spot Blocker Pen’ joins the other products in the Clearasil Ultra range: Deep Pore Treatment Wash; Deep Pore Treatment Scrub; Deep Pore Treatment Lotion; Deep Pore Treatment Pads; and Deep Pore Treatment Wipes and the Clearasil Rapid Action Treatment Cream.

Reckitt Benckiser is the world leader in household cleaning, excluding laundry, and has a major presence in health and personal care.

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  1. This product is amazing. After suffering from spots for about 6-7 years, having at least 10 – 15 whiteheads on my face at any given time, I have tried what seems like all the products on the market. A few years ago I found some success in using witch sticks but apart from leaving behind crusty residue they seem to weak to hold off spots completely. As an impulse buy I bought one of these spot blocker pens a few weeks ago, applied it whenever I walked past a mirror and it has tackled ALL OF MY SPOTS. I still have red marks (scars) from where they were but I have virtually no “active” spots! I went back and bought 3 more the next week. The price is steep but to me it is definitely worth having clear skin, no more embarrasing pus-filled wounds on my face that I have to hide in public, no more painful spots! Obviously more spots keep trying to appear but as soon as I see them I apply this and they serioiusly freeze dead in their tracks and heal up within the next day or two and vanish. I’m ecstatic with these pens and hope that they continue to work!!


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