tetra-top-package.jpgThe popular solution for chilled drinks is now available for packaging ambient still drinks. Tetra Pak, the world leader in food processing and packaging solutions, has announced the introduction of the Tetra Top® packaging solution for high acid ambient distribution (HAAD) of still drinks. Tetra Top for HAAD is a flexible, attractive and cost-effective packaging solution that enables manufacturers to produce, distribute and sell high acid still drinks* such as ice tea, fruit drinks and sports drinks without using the chilled chain. The ambient still drinks market stands at 100 billion litres and is growing, providing producers with many new growth opportunities.

The Tetra Top packaging family answers the needs of producers who want a package with attitude that maximises their brand. Tetra Top for HAAD now brings these benefits to the ambient still drinks market, enabling the packaging, transport and storage of ambient still drinks for up to six months without the need for preservatives.

The Tetra Top package is much appreciated by consumers for its functionality; it is easy to open, re-close and pour from. In consumer studies conducted by AC Nielsen and Ipsos in several different types of markets, including Sweden, Taiwan and Saudi Arabia, Tetra Top is preferred over plastic bottles.

“The market is looking for differentiating, cost-efficient, environmentally friendly packages for ambient still drinks that satisfy the needs of at-home and on-the-go consumption. Tetra Top for HAAD fulfils these needs,” says Anders Gustafsson, Product Director for Tetra Top.

There are several key environmental benefits with Tetra Top for HAAD. The main component is paperboard, a renewable and recyclable resource. It can be folded flat for recycling.

Tetra Top for HAAD is produced on an upgraded version of the flexible, two-line TT/3 filling machine, which produces up to 9,000 packages per hour. TT/3 for HAAD includes improved package sterilisation, hygiene chamber disinfection and a clean air system (HEPA.) It also uses less production floor space (up to 35%) than plastic lines.
Tetra Top for HAAD is available in a variety of shapes and sizes from 200ml to 1000ml.

It will be commercially available during spring 2008 in the following formats, volumes and openings:
TT Base (70×70), 500, 750, 1000ml Katla, S38 and H38 openings.
TT Midi Base (57×57), 200, 250, 330, 500ml Katla, S38 and H38 openings.
TT Mini Base (47×47), 200, 250ml Katla S30, S38 and H38 openings.
* High acid still drinks have a maximum pH value of <4.2 and a maximum juice content of up to 20%.

The Tetra Top package is a roll-fed packaging solution with a carton material sleeve crowned and an injection moulded polyethylene top, which is sealed to the package in a single process. It is a re-closable, square package with rounded corners and the opening device makes it easy to open, pour from and re-close.

Producers can create a range of different Tetra Top packages by combining bottom formats, volumes, tops, carton materials, print qualities and cap colours. This gives a broad scope for differentiation and makes Tetra Top ideal for both on-the-go and home consumption products like branded juice, white milk, flavoured milk, drinking yoghurt, spoonable desserts, probiotics drinks in chilled distribution, and now ice tea, sports drinks and flavoured still drinks in ambient distribution.

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