tansi-leaflet-prisma-frontODEIGA HOUSE Limited launches Tansi™ – the Ultimate Smoothie!

Product Development Director Dr John Osammor says “We do indeed have the techno-how to make a real Smoothie (pure fruit and dairy), not a fruit puree! Our Smoothie is actually “a smoothie bar drink in a bottle or carton” as it should be, not fruit puree!”

The company has achieved a breakthrough in the food industry by making pure fruit and dairy exist as a stable emulsion, resolving the oil and water mixture problem finally.

Dr John confirmed that the breakthrough was actually achieved in the year 2000, when the company first introduced Smoothies to the Airline trade, through its subsidiary company CEN Bottling Company Limited, selling to Airtours and the like. The product was withdrawn due to some contractual issues.

The re-launch of Tansi™ – the Ultimate Smoothie in 250ml Tetra Prisma is a dream come true!, says Dr John.

The Real Smoothie Story

Originally an African Tuareg drink (Mango Foule in Niger), it is made ex-tempore (when needed) with mango and camel’s or cow’s milk, blended together and taken as a meal drink. Through slavery, Africans took this drink to the Caribbean Islands and the USA, where it evolved as a Smoothie drink, i.e a smooth blend of pure fruit and dairy drink. Smoothie bars have mushroomed in the US and spread even into the UK and Europe. However, the technology of how to create a commercially acceptable (true) Smoothie has eluded most manufacturers, hence Smoothies are sold as fruit puree mixes.

Odeiga House has finally achieved the elusive challenge of creating a stable emulsion of pure fruit and dairy drink with her Tansi™ – the Ultimate Smoothie. Tansi™ Smoothies have no preservatives or colouring. The Tetra Prisma Pack gives it an extended shelf life of over six months without the use of chemicals.

Tansi™ Smoothies are flavourful and with a good mouth feel and are rich in soluble fibres, which feed the friendly bacteria in the large bowels.

Tansi™ is presently available in the Mango and Strawberry variants. The company also plans to introduce a Banana variant with Omega 3.  Tansi™ Smoothies are best served chilled!

Odeiga House Ltd

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