velleda-grip-asst-bl4Most offices now have a plethora of white boards, in meeting rooms, break out areas and even kitchens. 

As one of the most visible and instant office tools, it is important that they look smart, bright and professional.

With this in mind, BIC has created a fabulous range of BIC® Velleda® markers to ensure that you have all the tools needed to make the most of the whiteboards in your office.

Yolande de Trogoff, marketing manager for BIC Stationery, says: “There are a huge variety of uses for whiteboards in offices and we wanted to reflect this with the range of BIC® Velleda® markers.

“Some are used to aide communication in meetings, some as message boards and some as in and out boards or to list targets and tasks. The range of BIC® Velleda® markers will support offices in maximising the potential of whiteboards and we are really proud of the range.”

The fantastic range of whiteboard markers is available in a number of colours and all wipe off easily, even after a few days, leaving whiteboards clean and tidy for their next use.

The innovative design of the markers means they don’t dry out easily and their smooth, resistant nibs ensure quality and consistency in your marking.

The BIC® Velleda® 1701 has a cleverly designed bullet tip nib which resists pressure for extra durability. Available in black, blue, red and green, the BIC® Velleda® 1701 will liven up any presentation.

BIC® Velleda® Grip Markers have textured rubber grip for greater comfort, providing increased comfort when writing and marking.

* Gfk data Aug 08-Jul 09. 9.6% market value share

So if you want to smarten up your white boards why not give BIC a call on 01895 827100 to find out your nearest supplier.

For more information on BIC products, please contact BIC UK on 01895 827100 or visit

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