It’s official; Cushelle has cemented its place as the nation’s fastest growing premium brand toilet tissue. Following a successful brand migration from Charmin to Cushelle®, the impressive results achieved during the first phase of its migration are planned to be echoed as the brand enters the final phase of the migration this month with a new-look Cushelle pack.

The new-look packs retain Cushelle’s familiar ‘white out of purple’ colour scheme and feature a revised logo which reinforces the brand’s “irresistibly cushiony softness” USP and up-weights its premium credentials. The packs are available now across all stores. The loveable Cushelle® koala has also been developed into a more distinctive brand icon, which research  has shown connects well with consumers, creating further standout and character for the brand.

The success experienced as a result of the integrated marketing campaign, put in place during phase one of the migration, saw value grow by 17.6% to a share of 5.1% and volume increase by 21.6% to a share of 4.6% (IRI data 52 w/e 22 January 2011). A £6.5 million multi media campaign developed for the final phase will include a new national TV advertising campaign and will be supported by both PR and promotional marketing.

“Since the migration activity began almost 12 months ago, we have seen exceptional growth for Cushelle,” comments Richard Nall, Marketing Director at SCA. “At the beginning of 2010, Charmin was in decline. Following the multi-media marketing support behind phase one of the migration, this activity has been hugely successful in driving household penetration, enabling us to meet all of our initial objectives. As we enter the final phase of the brand migration, we’re planning to build on this success and drive further growth.

“The new packaging features clear differentiation of brand variants and gives us a significantly stronger shelf presence in store which will enable us to appeal to a wider audience. Our research has shown that the new packaging resonates strongly with target consumers who state that the new look makes the brand more appealing and highlights its cushiony softness credentials.”

In March 2010, SCA announced a major re-invigoration of the Charmin brand, which took place as part of the agreement with P&G, forged during SCA’s acquisition of the brand in 2007.

Cushelle comes in Standard White (4, 9, 12, 16, 18, 24 or 32 roll), Supersize roll (4, 6, 9 rolls), Standard Honey (4 or 24 rolls) and Fresh Linen (4 rolls).

The toilet tissue category is worth over £1bn (Source: IRI to 22 January 2011)



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