berryFood waste and its associated costs is a major problem across the UK. According to a recent government report a third of the food bought in the UK ends up being thrown away. Major supermarkets believe that the most effective way of reducing waste is to educate shoppers about storage, portion sizes and nutrition. As the credit crunch hits consumers, Scott Brothers Ltd, specialist in storage products for the home, is offering products to preserve food longer, reduce waste and save money. Scott Brothers positions the award-winning Pack-Mate® AnyLock™ range of food storage solutions as the perfect tool to help reduce waste, prolong the life of food and ultimately save money. With consumers looking for more effective food storage solutions, the Pack-Mate AnyLock food freshness range offers a profitable investment for retailers.

The complete Pack-Mate AnyLock system consists of reusable, super-tough nylon/polythene bags and unique patented, sealing rods designed to provide an airtight, watertight and odour-tight seal, ensuring that the bag’s contents are kept fresher for longer. Sealing rods are also available to buy separately in individual, economic rod-only film packs. In addition to using the AnyLock patented rods with AnyLock bags to prolong the life of fresh foods, the patented rods can also be used separately, to re-seal a wide range of flexible packaging bags, once opened, to keep contents fresh.
Typical examples include breakfast cereals, rice, pasta, snacks and crisps, coffee and pet foods. Thus the AnyLock rod-only packs are perfect partners to sell alongside food products, which need re-closure to maintain freshness and which are rarely consumed completely once opened.

AnyLock is not only the perfect product for extending the life of fresh foods, such as fruit and vegetables, but it can also be used to contain the smell of troublesome foods, such as fish and onions. The AnyLock system is also ideal for packing prepared sandwiches and other food for picnics or school packed lunches. Both the bags and rods are temperature tolerant from 120ºC down to –20ºC, meaning that they can also be used in the freezer. Using the rods the inventive bags can be folded to any size you want, ensuring compact and efficient storage in the freezer. Furthermore, for food which requires re-heating, AnyLock bags can be conveniently placed in boiling water to re-heat the contents.

Pack-Mate AnyLock provides an attractive retail opportunity, with impulse prices and good margins for a wide range of outlets including housewares stores, food and cook shops, department stores, grocers and major food retailers. With the cost of food prices rising and an increased interest in fresh produce, Pack-Mate AnyLock is guaranteed to be a huge retail success. It is an essential product for all home owners, saving both time and money in the kitchen by keeping food fresher for longer and ultimately to save money by reducing waste.

Pack-Mate AnyLock packs are available in four sizes to satisfy every food storage need (small, medium, large and extra large) and retails from just £4.99 for a pack of four rods and eight bags. The film pack range includes three rod-only packs and one pack with both rods and AnyLock freshness bags, with a range of retail prices (inc VAT) from under 90 pence to less than £2.00.

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