Linerless labelling specialist Ravenwood Packaging will be playing to win at Pack Expo in Las Vegas (26-28 September) when it puts on show the very latest in linerless adhesive backed labels, and its ultra-efficient, planet-friendly labelling machines and systems.

The business, based in the UK, is involved in the production of linerless labels predominantly for the chilled food sector and the sales, servicing and supply of parts for a range of specialist applicators worldwide – including those being picked up by a growing number of manufacturers in the USA including Uncle Charley’s Sausage Company, Gold ‘n’ Plump Poultry and Hatfield Quality Meats.

The stand S-7119 will show US brand-owners, manufacturers and packers how to minimise on-pack packaging without compromising design quality and how to save on paper to help reduce solid waste and to minimise escalating packaging costs.

Ravenwood Packaging is predicting that linerless systems will become less of a niche product and increasingly mainstream around the world as new solid waste legislation comes into place, as most recently introduced in Latin America. The Brazilian government has just passed some of the most rigorous legislation yet which has made release waste liner a new global challenge. The liner which can no longer be landfilled or incinerated must now be collected and recycled.  The one obvious solution is to dispense with backing paper altogether and save waste and additional packaging cost.

Ravenwood’s team of labelling specialists has now sold in excess of 750 machines to over 100 customers, who are selecting the high quality sleevers, applicators and labels to enhance the image of their finished products. The company’s worldwide customers are drawn mostly from the chilled food sector, buying Nobac 125, 400 and 500 labellers and sleevers but the company is already broadening its client base through the introduction of innovative new packaging ideas to include other industry sectors including drinks, healthcare, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and toiletries.

On display in Las Vegas will be the Nobac 125 labeller, a small and relatively conventional labelling system which is introducing new customers to the linerless labelling system. Its unique linerless labels eliminate the need for wasteful, non-recyclable backing papers, and the absence of backing material means that reel changes quicker and easier.

The Nobac 400 and Nobac 500 linerless systems have been specifically developed for retailers and packers. The sleevers are inline machines, designed for maximum flexibility, eliminating the need to turn the packs. They are capable of applying sleeves in a number of formats including top, top and side, top and two sides, C-wrap, and full wrap and the wrapping of irregular packs such as whole birds. The machines have been designed to have control of both ends of the label in the feed system, improving positional accuracy of the label around the package. The backingless labels can be made from slightly thicker than normal material, minimizing wrinkling on application.

One of the world’s most competitive and fast-responding labelling companies,  Ravenwood’s MD Paul Beamish says: ‘We’re finding much success in the US as packaging buyers convert to backingless labels which are way out in front in terms of their image and their corporate social responsibility in terms of reduced packaging waste. The current sales environments are incredibly competitive and so new items must have that extra impact to produce the much needed extra sale. There are a great many businesses considering the switch to linerless labels and we anticipate that The Processing Zone Vegas at the show will be exceptionally busy with visitors.’

‘The machines and labels we are supplying are top quality but they are not excessively priced.  They help products to win customers over and then secure repeat sales which is what’s needed in these challenging economic times.’

Growing proportionately with machine sales is a new line in packaging materials. Printed sleeves and self-adhesive labels are now being produced at the Ravenwood Packaging factory to meet the need for the almost ‘instant supply’ of labelling products.

President of Uncle Charley’s Sausage Company Inc, Chas Armitage Jr, explains the reasoning behind their switch to linerless labeling: ‘We were looking for a label solution to reduce down time and cut cost. It turns out the Nobac can do this and more.’

‘At Uncle Charley’s Sausage Co. – a second generation family owned sausage company in Pennsylvania – we are always looking for ways to improve and streamline our production lines. We used to have a different top label for every item we make and then another label on the bottom of that package. This meant we had to stock up to seven labels per flavor that were the same other than the weight.  Now with the new labels we only have to stock one label per flavor. With its wrap around ability we don’t need a bottom labeler because it is now part of the one top label. Keeping track of inventory is also a lot easier.’

‘Another savings we are seeing is with Nobac’s new technology there is no backing paper behind the label like our old ones. This saves cost again, and helps to protect the environment by cutting down on waste.’

Tracy Miller, Director of Product Development at Gold’n Plump Poultry said: ‘We have chosen the linerless label equipment for our Just BARE® brand to help reduce our overall packaging while continuing to provide bright, clean graphics, room for consumer communications and production automation. Our current package is a paperboard sleeve that is hand applied. The new Ravenwood applicator removes the manual aspect from the process and provides precision to the application.’

Hatfield Quality Meats’ Michael Bracrella also acknowledges the green credentials of the equipment, adding: ‘The environmental benefits of this new technology are clearly very appealing. The labeller also gives us the added opportunity to change our label size without making major setup changes which is another bonus.’

Packaging systems available from Ravenwood include Nobac sleevers and Trojan Applicators.

Agents and licensees are coming on stream to help with the worldwide marketing of products. Ravenwood is now represented in a network of countries across the world including the USA, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Belgium and Denmark.

Ravenwood Packaging

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