dsc_0429Quickshine has won the Tesco 2009 Innovation award at the World Fruit and Vegetable Expo, with a new product: Fruit & Veg SAVER. This is a patented disc which is placed in the fridge, in storage containers or in the bottom of a fruit bowl and absorbs Ethylene, the gas which builds up to make produce ripen prematurely. In practice this can double or triple the storage life of fresh produce in the home. This Innovation was chosen from 20 other entries in the Tesco Innovation Award area and was selected by Edward Palmer, Tesco Fresh Produce Category Technical Manager and a team of Tesco senior produce managers. Edward Palmer had said that “The greatest influence on our choice of winner for the award, will be the product or idea which has demonstrated that it has been developed and driven by the end customer’s requirement”.

Howard Gold, Quickshine’s MD, told The Grocery Trader that “We are delighted at the recognition this award has given us. Government figures show that families are binning an average of £500 worth of fruit and vegetables  per year. Meanwhile, producers have been using natural ethylene-control  technology to extend the shelf-life of fruit and vegetables, and now, for a few pennies per week, Fruit and Veg SAVERS bring that same technology into the home, to stop premature spoilage, and ensure that families get to eat what they have paid-for. The product is also endorsed by the 5-a-day campaign. “

Fruit & Veg savers retail for around 99p each, and last for 3 Months. They are available in a number of different pack formats including 1-Disc and 3-Disc hanging pouches, and in cartons in full colour shelf-ready display trays. Howard told us “We have the format available from stock to suit all areas of retail display, whether that is on clip strips within the produce section, or in a shelf display amongst the cling-film, bags, wraps and storage ”

Although this is a new area for the company, Quickshine  is a long-established brand. The company manufactures familiar products including Descaler Bag (The non-toxic Kettle Descaler) and the Quickshine range of metal cleaning products.

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