trailer2Nature Valley is inviting consumers to take a pause in their busy day with a brand new national TV campaign, which spearheads the brand’s £4 million marketing support package.

The new 30-second advert, which started in June and runs for 18 weeks over the next 12 months, encourages consumers to savour their break times and take a moment to escape the hustle and bustle of life by enjoying a Nature Valley bar.

The commercial opens with a typically English countryside with rolling hills and the sound of birdsong. It then cuts to a shot of a haystack where a female office worker is shown clutching a mug of tea and a Nature Valley bar – having ‘landed’ in this rural setting, whilst on her break. A local farmer appears and has apparently seen it all before. He indicates that it is time for the lady to get back to the real world and proceeds to collect a trailer load of other office workers to return them to their jobs.

The advert concludes by communicating the brand’s new strap-line, ‘let Nature Valley take you there’.

Ed Culf, Marketing Director, General Mills UK, says: “The advert perfectly illustrates the essence of the brand in that it meets consumers’ rational and emotional snacking needs. Nature Valley satisfies a person’s need for a snack – which is very much a rational need. At the same time Nature Valley enables consumers to take a pause in their day and recharge their mind as well as their body – fulfilling their emotional need.

“In transporting the main character to a tranquil country setting the advert demonstrates the key benefit of Nature Valley; the emotional lift that consumers get during their break from a delicious and wholesome Nature Valley bar.”

The TV campaign is supported by consumer PR and nationwide sampling activity – which will see two million bars being sampled to consumers at outdoor events through goody bags and experiential marketing initiatives.

Andy Foweather, Sales Director for General Mills UK, says: “We believe the new TV campaign will open up Nature Valley to a whole new group of consumers, who previously may not have heard about or tried the brand.

“Nature Valley is already performing exceptionally with annual value growth of 39.7%. Its retail potential is huge as the TV is likely to contribute even further to the brand’s sales momentum. Retailers who stock up on the featured product – Nature Valley Crunchy Granola bars – throughout June and July will be best placed to capitalise on the increased demand and impulse sales that the TV campaign is sure to drive.”

Later this year Nature Valley Chewy Trail Mix – the latest addition to the brand portfolio – will benefit from a dedicated tag which will run on the latest TV campaign.

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