img_8274-med-resA new range of bottled water for children is being launched this season, in time for the summer term and the summer holidays.

Leading Welsh water Brecon Carreg has created Brecon Carreg for Kids which it is launching across the UK from April 2009.

Brecon Carreg, sourced in the Brecon Beacons National Park, is a premium on-the-go natural mineral water, positioned to appeal to ‘fresh-air refreshed families’. The packs carry the tag-line ‘Brecon Carreg – still natural mineral water for the great outdoors’.

Brecon Carreg for Kids, which was piloted for the first time last autumn (2008), has proved so popular with parents in the brand’s Welsh heartland that it is to be rolled out across the UK. There is one format – a still 300ml bottle available as a 6-pack for retail sales with an RRP of £1.79 or as a wholesale pack of 30 bottles for individual unit sales (RRP 0.39p).

Brecon Carreg General Manager Liz Sherry explains the rationale for the launch: “Brecon Carreg is a trusted, wholesome brand for active families. So it was a logical extension of our positioning to launch a product for children aged 5-11. The vibrant and eye-catching label design will speak to this age-group and the active, outdoors activities pictured on-pack will also appeal to parents – especially those who like spending time with their children outdoors.”

When brands target children they often touch on the fear factor – avoidance of health and dental problems, obesity, avoidance of behavioural problems arising from excessive sugar consumption in ordinary soft drinks, for example. The brand seeks to provide a contrast between the lone child sipping a traditional fizzy drink at a computer screen and the ‘fresh-air refreshed’ child, having fun outdoors as part of a family group.

Eva Toth, Marketing Manager for Brecon Carreg, says: “We are appealing to traditional values with this product. Whilst the ‘fear factor’ issues are important, Brecon Carreg for Kids will major not on fear but on positives: childhood is a time for activity, fresh air, feeling good and experiencing some of the natural, simple pleasures. Cycling, running, exploring the countryside, great food and great water should all be part of that tapestry of life lived to the full. We are aiming at families who love their children enough to give them the best – and to enjoy the best with them. As a parent myself, this is what appeals about giving real Welsh natural water to children. And of course, when your children aren’t doing the activities they like most, they can take a little of that feel-good factor with them – in the lunch-box or into the classroom for instance”.

Brecon Carreg for Kids will be supported by national and regional marketing activity that will remind parents that offering their children water helps create healthy habits for life. Good hydration makes for active kids; and active kids avoid obesity problems. Avoiding sugar has other benefits too: bottled water tastes good so children drink more of it, protecting their teeth as well as their bodies.. And by forming good habits in the long term, these youngsters will also help avoid health problems in later life. Avoiding the additives and unwanted chemicals that may be found in fizzy drinks and even tap water provide parents with the reassurance they seek. Brecon Carreg for Kids will be positioned as an affordable, on-the-go staple of the weekly shopping basket.

A withdrawal of carbonated soft drinks in UK schools and an overall decline of carbonates in the UK has seen ‘healthier’ beverage categories, such as water, gain acceptance from schools as well as parents. There is growing recognition amongst professionals that hyperactivity and poor behaviour and reduced concentration levels may be linked to sugary drinks and those containing caffeine and other additives. The current wave of news regarding obesity levels causing diabetes problems even in younger people also strengthens the argument for giving the nation’s children a healthier start in life.

Natural mineral water has, by law, nothing added (except for adult variants, carbon dioxide to make some waters sparkle) and nothing taken out that alters the natural characteristics of the water. Each natural mineral water comes from a known and unique source: Welsh water from the Brecon Beacons National Park offers a particularly special provenance.

Buying Brecon Carreg, a top British Natural Mineral Water, also offers environmental reassurance for consumers and the trade. Bottled water sourced in the UK cuts down on food miles whilst helping preserve the countryside from which the water is drawn. In addition, Brecon Carreg as a brand has done much to minimise its carbon footprint with light-weighting of packs and improvements to logistics and transport all designed to champion positive ‘green’ action. See for details.

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