As the population of the UK becomes more health conscious and food aware and with the growth of “free from” products evident in supermarkets a new distributor has entered the market with the sole aim of supplying the foodservice sector with a range of “free from” pre-packed branded snack products.

Catering outlets and independent retailers have been slow to respond to the demand from customers for a range of “free from” products. JP Food Distribution Company intends to improve this situation by offering a range of prepacked branded “free from” snack products ideally suited to the “food-on-the-go” market (independent retailers, cafes, health clubs, garden centres, pubs, forecourt retailers etc;).

With support from leading “free from” suppliers such as the American Muffin Company, Baked to Taste, Doves Farm, Hale & Hearty, Nairns, RAW Health & 9Bar, JP Foods has created a “free from” snack basket.

The “free from” snack basket sits nicely on any counter and offers customers a choice of “free from” branded snack products ideal for the food-on-the-go purchaser. The “free-from” snack basket contains pre-packed branded biscuits, cakes, cookies, cereal bars, crisps, flapjacks, oat & rice snacks along with a range of savoury products including pasties, pies and quiches… all products offered are “free from” either wheat, gluten, lactose and/or dairy in addition to being “free from” any additives, colourings, MSG etc;

JP Food Distribution Company

Tel: 0790 553 4324


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