mike-holden-md-of-rug-doctorA recent Rug Doctor survey amongst professional carpet cleaners shows huge savings can be made by self-hire carpet cleaning

It is a well known fact that one of the top ten reasons people clean their homes is when family or friends are about to visit. With the festive season fast approaching, many households are turning their attention to this domestic ritual. Now Rug Doctor can take the sting out of this chore for them. Research recently carried out by Rug Doctor – the world’s biggest carpet cleaning machine rental company – shows that on average £162 can be saved on cleaning an average sized house* if done using a Rug Doctor machine as against contracting a professional cleaning company.

The survey, conducted nationwide by Rug Doctor, found the most expensive quote for using a contractor to clean an average sized house was £346 and, once extras were added, such as moving furniture and then the spraying of stain repellent protectors, this figure rose to a staggering £506. With Rug Doctor, consumers can clean their whole house for under £40 – and that includes four litres of the new Rug Doctor Carpet Detergent with Spot Blok ® stain repellent.

The survey showed that the average saving that could be made – once the added extras were included – was £289. It is apparent that, for a relatively small amount of time and effort, consumers can save themselves a fortune by renting a Rug Doctor machine and that they can use it with confidence to put the freshness back in their carpets and upholstery. A Rug Doctor machine can deep clean, deodorise, rejuvenate and protect all the carpets in a home well before the arrival of family or friends for those Christmas festivities without consumers having to pay the high price of employing a professional cleaning service.

“It’s so easy! If you can fill a bucket and can vacuum a carpet then you can use a Rug Doctor,” says Paul Fildes, Marketing Manager of Rug Doctor. “If you’ve not tried Rug Doctor before, you’ll really be amazed just how easy it is to use and what fantastic results you’ll get – and for just a fraction of the cost of using a professional carpet cleaning company.”

Unlike most other carpet cleaners, Rug Doctor machines clean both sides of the pile – giving it a huge advantage – as its unique vibrating brush cleaning action gently washes, scrubs and extracts the dirt right out for a really deep down clean.

There’s also an upholstery attachment included in the rental price for use on soft furnishings, carpet edges and stairs.

Rug Doctor’s carpet detergent now includes, as part of its cleaning formula, their unique SpotBlok® stain repellent which builds up a carpet’s resistance to stains every time it is cleaned. A 4 litre bottle of this super concentrated solution makes 240 litres of cleaning solution, allowing the Rug Doctor machine to clean up to 150 sq m of carpet or eight average size rooms. Its Spotblok® Stain Repellent dries without leaving a waxy or sticky residue – so carpets stay cleaner longer.

And if consumers are tight on time with festive visitors arriving at short notice, then the new Rug Doctor Wide Track machine with its wider cleaning head and higher capacity detergent solution and collection tanks can cut cleaning time in half for just a nominal extra cost.

* An average sized house consists of six rooms, stairs and landing.

To find your nearest rental location simply use the on-line store finder at www.rugdoctor.co.uk
or call 01903 235558.

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