lemsip-max-you-choose-120810Introducing New Lemsip Max Lemon Flavour Tablets: Choose how to use – as a tablet or as a hot drink!

Lemsip’s innovative NPD has been the key to growing the overall cold and flu category over the last two years – not just for the brand but for the sector as a whole – accounting for 70% of overall growth. RB is set to continue this trend in 2010 with the launch of the very first ‘flexible’ cold and flu tablets – Lemsip Max Lemon Flavour Tablets. This is the first ever product to meet real consumer need for a Max Strength formulation offering effective relief from cold and flu symptoms; ease of use; and format control in the one formulation.

The launch is being supported by a heavyweight £7m integrated multi-media brand marketing campaign including dedicated TV and radio ads for Lemsip Max Lemon Flavour Tablets – starting as the new product hits the shelves, and running throughout the Winter months.

With 27% of consumers in the cold and flu sector shopping across formats, with the highest overlap between hot drinks & capsules, market leader Lemsip is the first to spot the opportunity for a new product innovation that meets both of these consumer needs. The unique formulation can be easily swallowed as a tablet or dissolved quickly to make a soothing hot drink. Now, instead of consumers having to make a ‘capsule vs hot drink’ choice, Lemsip Max Lemon Flavour Tablets offer a two-in-one solution.

The new marketing campaign will support the whole Lemsip range, with 50% of media focusing on new Lemsip Max Lemon Flavour Tablets. The campaign theme builds on Lemsip’s ‘comfort’ positioning and features the popular Lemmy character. Lemsip Max Lemon Flavour Tablets are available in packs of 12 capsules with a RSP of £3.99

LEMSIP’S hugely successful range of maximum strength cold and flu remedies provides retailers with a one brand solution for all cold and flu remedies.

Lemsip Max Lemon Flavour Tablets contain Paracetamol. Always read the label.

Reckitt Benckiser


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