Linerless labelling technology from Suffolk means less packaging waste.

Chilled food label expert Ravenwood Packaging has showcased its very latest and environmentally-friendly linerless labelling equipment at its 3rd World Conference staged in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. The company played host to 22 delegates who are agents for the company from various printing businesses throughout the world – including those based in the US, Spain, Australia, Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands, France, and Norway.

The conference also featured representatives from a number of associated packaging supply companies. It was the largest yet organised by the machinery and consumables supplier with presentation and demonstration sessions at both the Angel Hotel and at Ravenwood’s Brunell Court headquarters in the town. A vintage bus was used to transport delegates to and from the separate venues.

The business, based in the UK, is involved in the sales, servicing and supply of parts for a range of specialist packaging machines worldwide including those being ordered by a growing number of manufacturers in the USA.

Ravenwood Packaging’s new linerless labelling machines are making the news for their big environmental savings which come from the fact that there is no backing paper on the labels which are supplied on self-adhesive rolls and so they generate much less paper waste.

Ravenwood’s young and proactive team of labelling specialists has now sold in excess of 750 machines to over 100 customers, who are selecting the high quality sleevers, applicators and labels to enhance the image of their finished products. Customers are drawn mostly from the chilled food sector, buying Nobac 125, 400 and 500 labellers and sleevers but the company is already broadening its client base through the introduction of innovative new packaging ideas to include other industry sectors including drinks, healthcare, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and toiletries.

The Nobac-branded machines are capable of applying sleeves in a number of formats including top, top and side, top and two sides and C-wrap, and full wrap and the wrapping of irregular packs such as whole birds. The machines have been designed to have control of both ends of the label in the feed system, improving positional accuracy of the label around the package. The backingless labels can be made from slightly thicker than normal material, minimizing wrinkling on application.

Some have added pack security features including a label/sleeve verification function; and a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) security labelling system.

As one of the world’s most competitive and fast-responding labelling companies, founder Paul Beamish, is sensitive to the changing needs of the labelling industry, ‘Green labelling is no longer a luxury for those in the manufacturing and retail arena.  It’s moving towards the norm.  And pack styles are ever evolving which is why we have to keep up with the very next idea – such as labels that don’t wrinkle for increase in numbers of food products supplied in shrink-wrapped or ‘skin’ packaging.’

‘While our main mission is to help retailers push ahead to maximise sales, we are conscious of the issue of corporate responsibility in terms of packaging waste and are keen to help those who  want to cut the amount of material they use to do so.’

Growing proportionately with machine sales is a new line in packaging materials. Printed sleeves and self-adhesive labels are now being produced at the Ravenwood Packaging factory to meet the need for the almost ‘instant supply’ of labelling products.

New agents and licensees are constantly coming on stream to help with the worldwide marketing of products.

Ravenwood Packaging

Paul Beamish

Tel: 01284 749144


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