While keeping the best and proven features of the current range, the all-new T-Series uses innovative technologies to deliver the kind of performance, reliability and ease of use that operators have wished for but not experienced from any other brand.

Quiet operation: The T-Series has achieved dramatic noise level reductions without any loss of cooling performance. Two versions are available, the standard models reducing noise by almost 30% and the Whisper™ version by over 50% when compared to previous models.

Fuel efficiency: Tests suggest operators will experience reductions of up to 15% in their fuel bills. With fuel contributing about 50% of equipment life cost, that saving alone equates to a significant reduction in total cost of ownership.

Carbon emissions: 15% less fuel consumed means 15% less CO2 produced.  A typical unit application can use 3000 litres of diesel in a year, emitting over 8 tonnes of CO2. A 15% saving would mean a reduction in CO2 of 1.2 tonnes per refrigeration unit, per annum.

Cooling capacity in high ambients: Every time a delivery is made, the truck doors are opened, cool air flows out of the load space and warm, moist air replaces it. The T-Series employs extra-large evaporator and condenser coils, married to the proven range of reciprocating compressors, to keep on cooling right up to extreme desert conditions of 55°C.

Ease of use: Good design means simple to use. This was the guiding principle behind the all-new TSR-2 in-cab controller. Using intuitive ergonomics, Thermo King has developed a delightfully simple controller where for example, a red up-arrow means hotter, and a blue down-arrow means… colder.

Service access: Not only have the designers come up with a look which reflects the innovative nature of this range, but they have included wide-opening panels to permit easy access to major components for servicing. Impact and corrosion resistant Geloy® is chosen for the exterior panels to keep appearance up and repair costs down.

Thermo King’s confidence in the range is such that every model will come with a 24 month warranty as standard.

The first models in production will be the T-600R, T-800R, T-1000R and T-1200R for single temperature applications and the T-800R, T-1000R and T-1200R will also be available as Spectrum versions for multi temperature applications.

Thermo King


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